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Patty Brard's latest "From PB with love" collection available at Kruidvat!

On February 9th, Patty Brard announced on social media the launch of her latest "From PB with love" Mexican and panther-print collection for Kruidvat, a Dutch pharmacy and drugstore chain specialising in health, beauty and household products. This collection includes sports outfits, sweaters, pyjamas and slippers. Click here to see all the items.

February 12th saw the collection's launch on Kruidvat's website.

February 14th (Valentine's day) saw the collection's launch at Kruidvat shops in the Netherlands.

Pictures from the Kruidvat brochure:

The multi-talented media personality has been launching "From PB with love" campaigns each season since February 2020. Her partnership with Kruidvat comes at just the right time now that her four-year contract with Talpa TV is about to expire.

Source: Kruidvat, Instagram

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