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Patty Brard on "Shownieuws": viewing figures and items including the Hazes family

Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws", featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert:

  • February 27th: 504.000 viewers/market share: 18.9%

  • March 2nd: 381.000 viewers/market share: 14.7%

  • March 3rd: 407.000 viewers/market share: 17%

  • March 4th: 359.000 viewers/market share: 10.8%

  • March 11th: 418.000 viewers/market share: 13.3%

  • March 12th: 420.000 viewers/market share: 18.1%

Here is the latest celebrity gossip Patty and her team discussed:

* Fidan Ekiz and Wierd Duk's break-up (February 27th)

* Rose Bertram spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio and Danny de Munk's comeback on television more than three months after it was decided not to prosecute him for rape (March 2nd).

* Gerard Joling undervalued on RTL 4 (March 3rd). The flamboyant singer and TV host used to be SBS6's star. His golden years on television seem to be over. Patty thought Gerard's contribution to RTL 4's hit show "The Masked Singer" should not be underestimated. "You should not forget that his role on The Masked Singer was huge," Miss Brard said.

* Yolanthe Cabau's activities in Los Angeles (March 4th). The former football wife and her son have lived in the City of Angels for years. Her breakthrough in America has not happened to this day. Recently, she had a role in a Hollywood production. "I think this is a rehearsal. But she's very happy anyway. She's been in Los Angeles for four years. She has new acting plans," Patty said. The Shownieuws crew wondered what Yolanthe did for a living as life in the Mecca for entertainment is very expensive, and her activities in Dutch showbiz seem inconspicuous. Her sportswear line, her sporadic deals with department stores and the financial support of patrons might explain how she maintains her living standard.

* Patty Brard advocated better-filled goody bags for Dutch celebrities (March 4th). "At every celebrity party I attend, I always get a bag from the organisers. Because I spent so much money on make-up and wardrobe for these events, I can't stand these bags are always scarce in the Netherlands. Recently I was at a showbiz party, and I only received a copy of a magazine and a tube of toe cream," Patty explained. The prima donna then mentioned the goody bags that American stars received during the Oscars. "There's $100,000 worth of stuff in these bags, including all kinds of vouchers, invitations to luxury resorts in Italy and the possibility to receive a cosmetic surgery treatment," she added.

* Rachel Hazes' new car (March 11th). The widow of the Dutch singing legend André Hazes showed up at the "Holland Zingt Hazes" concerts in a brand luxury new car. Last month, she won a lawsuit against her daughter Roxeanne and was allowed to continue exploiting the intellectual property rights of André Hazes, even though she was not an heir according to the will. "Rachel arrived at the Ziggo Dome in a new car that is not a DAF. Let me put it this way. It was unnecessary to appear there in a new car, especially in this situation. Instead, she should have ordered an Uber," Patty asserted. The ex-Luv' singer said that this public appearance made Roxeanne suffer.

* André Hazes Jr. giving his mother Rachel a pat on her head during a "Holland Zingt Hazes" concert (March 11th). Patty was suspicious of the authenticity of this moment. "I think it's a very nice image to see, but I don't believe it," La Brard said. The larger-than-life media personality referred to the rumours that André might join his sister Roxeanne's legal battle against their mother after the Holland Zingt Hazes concerts. According to the Reality FBI entertainment news channel, André got angry at Patty and unfollowed her on Instagram.

* Janke Dekker, chairman of Mores, the Dutch reporting centre for misconduct in the media (March 11th). After a Volkskrant investigation, her husband, Tom Ebgers, is accused of inappropriate behaviour towards an intern. "She knew her husband behaved this way towards this intern. She accepted this job at Mores and said: "If anything ever comes up, I will leave immediately," Patty explained.

* André Hazes jr. and Monique Westenberg's umpteenth love reunion (March 12th). The singer recently posted a love declaration to his fiancée Monique Westenberg on Instagram. Patty doubted it: "How old does he think he is? It's a flashing light relationship that never ends. I am afraid it was staged for the second part of his Videoland documentary".

* Patty and her colleagues laughed at Bea Pols' haircut after her interview on Shownieuws (March 12th). Pols is involved in a legal battle against Sonja Bakker, who is accused of plagiarism.

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant, Instagram, YouTube


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