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Patty Brard in Story and Weekend

The February 8th edition of Story magazine featured an article about Patty Brard. Click here to read an excerpt online. Due to her move to a smaller house in Almere, the diva organized a garage sale for the sale of used goods (including photographs, knick-knacks, and furniture) from her previous house in Amstelveen earlier this month. All these items were sold out rapidly.

Moreover, the former Luv' singer graces the cover of the latest issue of Weekend. In her interview for the celebrity gossip magazine, the Shownieuws star discusses her move from Amstelveen to Almere, her garage sale, her tips to Rachel Hazes, who is facing a legal dispute with her daughter Roxeanne about André Hazes' legacy, her podcast "Patty's levenslessen" in which she discusses with celebrities and gives life lessons.

Source: Marco Rens, Story, Weekend


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