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Patty Brard in De Telegraaf: "Jane Fonda wanted to make me a star!"

The May 15th edition of De Telegraaf featured an interview with Patty Brard in its "Privé" section.

The Shownieuws diva discussed her recent appearance in a one-piece swimsuit to defend Countess Eloise of Orange-Nassau.

The former Luv' singer also mentioned the iconic American actress Jane Fonda. "I used to live not far from Jane Fonda's fitness club. I thought about it last week when I watched her new film "Book Club: The Next Chapter" at the movie theater. In the early 80s, I met Jane. She was a fitness guru at the time. She sold millions of workout videos. I lived with my then-husband Carlo Nasi in Los Angeles and was pregnant with my daughter Priscilla," Patty said.

When asked how she met Jane Fonda, La Brard answered: "She approached me at her gym, where I went daily. She planned to shoot an aerobics video for pregnant women and insisted on doing it with me. But suddenly, there was Priscilla. Maybe because of all the excitement, I went into labour a few weeks earlier. I did sports as a pastime and wanted to limit the pregnancy kilos. I had gained 24 kilos. Truck drivers at gas stations still whistled at me, but only if they saw my backside. When I turned around, they were scared to death by my big belly”.

"It was a unique opportunity to achieve something in America. Jane said: I'm going to make you big! She was disappointed that it didn't happen. Anyways, it remains a unique story to tell. She just walked into that gym class, and I immediately noticed her. She even came and sat next to me and rubbed my round belly," Patty added.

Source: De Telegraaf


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