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Patty Brard: guest panellist on "I Can See Your Voice"

Patty Brard will appear on RTL 4's mystery music game show "I Can See Your Voice" as a guest panellist on March 25th (the day she turns 67) at 8.00 pm. "I Can See Your Voice" is an adaptation of the South Korean program of the same name. Presented with a group of seven "mystery singers" identified only by their occupation, a guest artist and contestant must attempt to eliminate bad singers from the group without ever hearing them sing, assisted by clues and a celebrity panel throughout four rounds. At the end of the game, the last remaining mystery singer is revealed as either good or bad, using a duet between them and one of the guest artists.

Patty is mainly known as a TV personality. She started her career in the music business as a member of Luv' in late 1976. She recently scored a Carnival hit entitled "In M'n Panterpak" that peaked at #2 on the Dutch iTunes Top 100. Due to her experience, the diva is the right person to be on the panel on the game show.

"I Can See Your Voice" is hosted by Carlo Boszhard. The regular panellists are Marieke Elsinga, Fred van Leer, Danny de Munk and Edsilia Rombley.

Source: Televizier

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