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Patty Brard discussing her feud with her daughter in Story: "My sister played a very dirty role"

The latest issue of Story magazine features an article about Patty Brard. The diva discusses her 11-year-long feud with her daughter Priscilla that ended last year. Click here to read an article about Patty and Priscilla's reconciliation.

According to the former Luv' singer, her sister Debby played a dirty role in this family quarrel. "As for Priscilla, it has become clear that my sister Debby, her aunt, was the reason for this feud. The same thing happened with my sister during my argument with my parents. Fortunately, Priscilla now realizes what happened. Now we are closer than ever. We text each other all day long. I get daily messages from Priscilla telling me how much she loves me. Isn't it great?" the diva tells Story.

Source: Story, Ditjes en Datjes

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