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Patty Brard: Carnival Queen

Carnival in the Netherlands is a festival held mainly in the Southern and Eastern regions of the country. Every year, local artists release Carnival songs. Some of these tracks sung in Dutch even enter the main singles charts and become hits. Carnival music is a popular genre in the Netherlands. Patty Brard has taken advantage of the Carnival festivities to boost her music career in recent years.

Photo montage by Marco Rens

In 2006, Patty's duet entitled "Ik Wil Knallen" with comedian Ome Henk became a Dutch Top 5 hit.

In 2010, her solo Carnival single "Het Leven Is Een Feest" peaked at #8 on the Dutch Single Top 100.

In 2012, La Brard released the single "Carnavals Party Hitmix" with Alex. To promote this song, the duo wanted to set a Guiness world record: to organise the largest “polonaise” (a typical Carnival dance in the Netherlands). The diva didn't succeed at the time and instead set a Dutch record as this event was considered "Holland's greatest Polonaise dance", according to official adjudicators.

In 2017, she teamed up with Roy Donders to put out the Carnival song "Wat Zijn Ze Lekker".

In 2018, Patty and Roy collaborated once again to release "We Zullen De Laatsten Zijn".

Recently, Berk Music released Patty Brard's latest Carnival single entitled "In M'n Panterpak" (In My Panther Suit). The song entered the iTunes Netherlands Top 100 Songs chart at #5 on February 18th. Three days later, it climbed to #2. The track is still on the Top 5. The former Luv' singer put out this single simultaneously with the launch of her new "From PB with love" panther-print collection for Kruidvat.

Source: Luv' weblog archives, archives,, YouTube


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