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Patty Brard cannot find buyers for her house

On June 1st, Shownieuws diva Patty Brard announced on Instagram that she put her house in Amstelveen for sale. The selling price was 2.250.000 €. This villa was built in 2010.

The former Luv' singer has not yet found any buyer for her house. "There's been some interest from potential buyers, but you know how it is: twelve visitors, twelve nags. You can't please everyone," Patty said recently in an interview for Privé magazine.

However, La Brard is not in a hurry. "Unlike a few years ago, when it was already for sale, the situation is calmer now. At the time, I wanted to get rid of it by all means. Now I think it's all right if it takes one or two years to sell it. We'll see," she added.

When asked why she and her husband Antoine wanted to sell her house, Patty answered: "We're considering our old days. We are looking for a smaller ground-floor pied-à-terre in the Netherlands in addition to our house in Ibiza".

The larger-than-life TV personality prefers to spend her time in Ibiza. “It is now our place of calm and tranquillity, where nothing is necessary, and everything is allowed," she asserted.

Source: Privé, Mediacourant, Ditjes & Datjes, Hollywood Huizen, Bekende Buren...

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