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Patty Brard's house in Amstelveen again for sale

On June 1st, Shownieuws diva Patty Brard announced on Instagram that she put her house in Amstelveen for sale. The selling price is 2.250.000 €. This villa was built in 2010.

Five years ago, Patty and her husband Antoine already wanted to sell their luxury house. The villa eventually was withdrawn from sale. Then it was for rent. But the couple changed their mind again and decided to remove it from rent.

This announcement caused a chain reaction in the Dutch media. In the latest issue of Weekend magazine, the former Luv' singer explained the reason for selling her beautiful house. "I think it's exciting to leave it. It has become too big for us. On the other hand, it gives me a bit of a stomachache because we live so nice here," Patty said.

The couple has a second home in Ibiza and plans to live there for good in the short term. "We continue to work ,but we think about our old days and are also looking for a smaller pied-à-terre in the Netherlands in addition to our beautiful house in Ibiza that we still enjoy," La Brard added.

Due to mortgage rates rising and an economic downturn forecast by some experts, Patty probably feels like it's now or never to cash out. Her old days started when she passed the retirement age of 67 a couple of months ago.

An expert from the Dutch website said: “If she succeeds in selling the house at the asking price, she will be successful. The villa has a mortgage of 1.5 million euros. So there is a profit of 750,000 euros on the horizon”.

Source: Patty Brard's Instagram account, BekendeBuren,, Weekend, Ditjes en Datjes, RTL Boulevard, Pure Luxe, Marco Rens...

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