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Marga Scheide's strength to live

Photo courtesy of © Marga Scheide, DC Models (Ger Valkenburg, Dyon Hagenaars)

The latest issue of Weekend magazine features an interview with Marga Scheide. More than a month after the passing of her partner Michiel Gunning, the former Luv' singer tries to bounce back.

When asked how she feels, Marga answers: "I feel good despite the circumstances, and I keep myself busy. I will stay at my friend's place this week and then go to the South of France with other friends. My friends, family and Michiel's daughters are there for me as well as other people I didn't expect. It's heartwarming. It's so good that so many people take care of me".

Here's what Marga says about Michiel's loss: "I think of him every moment of the day. We were together 24/7. I don't cry all day long. But I often feel sad. I'm looking for distraction and don't want to live in a depressed mood. I rapidly feel melancholic when I talk about Michiel's passing. I want to get rid of this feeling. I want to remain myself. I'm happy and positive, although I am in low spirits".

Marga's dear friends, Ger Valkenburg and Dyon Hagenaars of DC Models, have greatly comforted her. "Ger and Dyon told me: "We're going to fill your agenda". They've known me for so long," the blonde lady says.

Marga discusses her future: "I stopped my singing career long ago, so I won't start again. I want to help people. It gives me satisfaction. I don't know how to support people, but I know I can help them as I rapidly analyze situations and provide solutions. Many persons act too complicated".

Three days ago, Marga, Ger and Dyon flew to France. They currently stay at the four-star "Hôtel & Spa Collège des Doctrinaires" in Lectoure in southwestern France. Beautiful and glamorous photos and videos were posted on social media.

Courtesy of DC Models and Marga Scheide:

Dyon, Ger & Marga on their way to France

Source: Marco Rens, Official Luv', Facebook + Instagram (DC Models, Dyon Hagenaars, Marga Scheide)


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