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Marga Scheide's 1980s solo singles to be reissued on digital platforms on February 23rd

Photo edited by Marc Rens

Good news for the fans: Marga Scheide, in association with Casper Janssen, is about to reissue three singles: "Love Symphony" (1983), "Love Again" (1985) and "I'll Sing You A Song (He-Ho)" (1986).

On February 23rd, Marga Scheide's solo singles will be available on major digital platforms (including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube & Deezer).

These songs were produced by Jacques Zwart (aka E.Mergency) and remained rarities for decades as they were never released on CD, except for "Love Symphony", which appeared as a bonus track on Luv's compilation "25 Jaar Na Waldolala" (2003).

This re-release feels like a gift to Marga's admirers almost two years after her farewell performance.

Here's the tracklisting of these singles:

Love Symphony (1983)

  1. Love Symphony (7” version)

  2. In The Night

  3. Love Symphony (Extended Version)

  4. Love Symphony (Instrumental Version)

Love Again (1985)

1. Love Again

2. Love Is Love You

I’ll Sing You A Song (He-Ho) (1986)

1. I’ll Sing You A Song (He-Ho)

2. Dance On

Source: Casper Janssen

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