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That's the way Luv' goes (February - March 2024 news)

Dernière mise à jour : il y a 3 jours

Here's the latest media news in Luv' land:

  • De Telegraaf: "Marga Scheide far away from Patty Brard on her 70th birthday" (February 13th)

Two days before Marga Scheide's birthday, on February 13th, De Telegraaf published an article about the former Luv' singer in its "Privé" section (entertainment news). Marga previously told the newspaper that she would not attend the festive premiere of the Videoland series "PATTY", based on her ex-Luv' colleague, Patty Brard, at the RAI Amsterdam on February 18th.

To cope with the grief of her partner Michiel Gunning, who died in June last year, the charismatic lady took a plane in December and then boarded a cruise ship with her sister Hannie in the Mediterranean. Michiel would have turned seventy on Christmas Day, so Marga was not alone during that painful period.

"Then, last month, I took another cruise: a tour of Central America. I visited Honduras, Costa Rica and Guatemala, among others. No, it is not an escape, but the loss is so great and I don't feel like sitting at home for a long time in the Gooi, where we were so happy. That's why it was quite a thing for me to go to our second home in Ibiza for the first time. We had a great time there," Marga said.

Family and friends often accompany her on the Spanish party island. "Now that I have been to Spain a few times, I can cope again. I will leave again for the Spanish sun in a couple of weeks." Marga explained.

  • Marga celebrating her birthday with her loved ones (February 17th and 18th)

As Patty Brard was celebrating the premiere of her Videoland series on February 18th, Marga Scheide was celebrating her 70th birthday with her loved ones.

The Official Luv' and Marga Scheide's Facebook pages posted a beautiful photo of the ex-Luv' singer decorating her house in Naarden with her dear friend, Transavia purser and vlogger Vincent de Paauw.

Marga Scheide & Vincent de Paauw on February 18th

One day before, Marga had a birthday lunch with her friends Dyon Hagenaars and Ger Valkenburg (of DC Models), Renée Gunning (Michiel's daughter) and her sister Hannie at Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam on February 17th.

Photo posted on February 17th on Dyon Hagenaars' Instagram account

  • Marga's solo singles digitally reissued (February 23rd)

Photo edited by Marco Rens

Marga's solo singles from the 1980s have been reissued on digital platforms since February 23rd. These records were produced by the then-singer's partner, Jacques Zwart (aka E. Mergency), who passed away in 2003. Special thanks to Casper Janssen for this digital reissue.

Copyright: ℗ + © Marga Scheide

Tracklisting & streaming links:

Love Symphony (1983)

1. Love Symphony (7” version)

2. In The Night

3. Love Symphony (Extended Version)

4. Love Symphony (Instrumental Version)

Love Again (1985)

1. Love Again

2. Love Is Love You

I’ll Sing You A Song (He-Ho) (1986)

1. I’ll Sing You A Song (He-Ho)

2. Dance On

  • Story: "Marga & José strike back at Patty" (February 28th)

The February 28th issue of Story magazine featured an article about José Hoebee and Marga Scheide reacting to Patty Brard's Videoland series.

The broadcast of "PATTY", the Videoland series based on Patty Brard's life, led to reactions from the diva's exes and former Luv' colleagues. Miss Brard's first husband, TV legend Ron Brandsteder, said: "I'm used to Patty not telling the truth. She does it at the expense of others and for her glory". When asked if Marga Scheide analyzed the situation the way Ron did, she answered: "Ron was married to her, so he probably remembers what happened".

The first episodes of "PATTY" series deal with Luv's glory years. Patty is presented as the one who took the lead and stood up for her colleagues, José and Marga, when there were disagreements. "This image is wrong. The three of us did and decided everything together," Marga explained. In the series, Patty's character said to José's face that she was just "a fifth wheel". "You have to consider things this way: José agreed with everything we decided. Patty and I were in charge of the costumes, and José was okay with that. But she was not the fifth wheel, and no one called her like that," Marga confirmed.

Marga and José didn't attend the series' premiere, whereas Patty told the media she had invited them. "José and I never received any invitation. After she said on TV that we were invited and did not react, we got an invitation. But I turned seventy that week and celebrated my birthday on the same day as the premiere, so I could not come. Would I have gone there otherwise? No, I never consider it," Marga said.

The blonde lady didn't watch the series. "It doesn't interest me, but I've heard about it from others. They say it was cheaply produced. I don't understand why because I respected the director, Will Koopman. We were a glamorous group," Marga asserted.

However, José watched the first episode out of curiosity. "It was not appealing, so I won't watch the rest on Videoland. I've only heard bad reviews. I have other things on my mind," she declared. When asked what she thought about Ron Brandsteder's reaction, José answered: "I certainly recognize that. We are used to Patty, so I'm not surprised. Attention is her thing, not mine".

  • Marga Scheide's opinion on Glennis Grace's comeback in Weekend (February 28th)

The February 28th issue of Weekend magazine featured an article about Dutch celebrities, including Marga Scheide, expressing their opinion on Glennis Grace's comeback. In early 2022, the Dutch Whitney Houston was arrested after a fight with Jumbo supermarket employees in Amsterdam. She was sentenced to 200 hours of community service on November 9th, 2022. After this incident, the talented vocalist tried to restore her public image. Here's what Marga said about Glennis' comeback: "I think she's going to be successful again. Bit by bit. She will be more careful. I disagree with people who want to boycott her. She made mistakes, but on the other hand, she is very talented. Here's my advice to her: "Be friendly and don't be difficult".

  • Story: Hans van Hemert knows the downside of success like no other" (March 6th)

The March 6th issue of Story magazine included an article about the legendary record producer and songwriter Hans van Hemert.

The Dutch Pop Maestro discussed several subjects, including the international success he had with Mouth & MacNeal in the 1970s, his father (a famous TV director who was not a good parent), "The Elephant Song" by Kamahl (a track he wrote for the "World Wide Fund for Nature" gala in presence of the Dutch Royal family) and "Auntie" (a song in honour of the BBC's 50th anniversary recorded by an all-star cast).

Of course, Hans mentioned Luv', a girl group he launched in late 1976, which scored hit after hit between 1977 and 1981 in the Netherlands and abroad. He attended the premiere of Patty Brard's series. Pictures of the iconic producer and his former protégée were taken during this red-carpet event. Hans was very disappointed about the singing level in the series as Luv' songs were covered by the three actresses who played Patty, Marga and José. "During the premiere, I left halfway through. Why did they re-record the songs? These girls are actresses and cannot sing. Patty, don't bite the hand that feeds you!" Hans said.

Luv's father also talked about his misfortunes. A British company in charge of his royalties misled him in the 1980s, which caused problems with the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service. Moreover, the prolific songwriter has been battling against cancer for many years.

  • Weekend: interview with Marga (March 13th)

The March 13th issue of Weekend magazine featured an interview with Marga Scheide.

The ex-Luv' member discussed her recent birthday with friends and family and repeated what she had said in previous interviews: she didn't watch Patty's series.

  • Item about Marga Scheide on Shownieuws (March 15th)

Following her interview in Weekend Magazine, SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws" mentioned Marga Scheide in its March 15th edition, which drew 432.000 viewers (market share: 19.6%). Marga got emotional when she celebrated her 70th birthday without Michiel Gunning.

  • Weekend: Hans van Hemert angry at Patty's series (March 20th)

The latest issue of Weekend magazine features an article about Hans van Hemert's anger at Patty's series on Videoland. When La Brard's former Pygmalion attended the series' premiere and met the Prima Donna of Dutch showbiz on this occasion, it seemed the two of them buried the hatchet. Despite his cancer, Hans had enough energy to watch the series. "I was very curious about how the Luv' era would be presented. I was not portrayed as the group's songwriter but as the manager! I was shown to be in charge of the business, but I wasn't. They re-recorded Luv's music, probably because it was cheaper. If only you knew how much time and energy I invested to get the Luv' ladies enthusiastic. The actresses who played them, Holly Mae Brood, Teunie de Brouwer and Julia Lammerts, recorded the songs. What a pity! I walked away during the premiere after they played one of my songs. It was horrible to listen to," Hans says.

Hans is also surprised by Reinout Scholten van Aschat, the actor who portrayed him. "He's a nice guy, but they chose a man much taller than me with straight hair, whereas mine was curly at the time. I don't understand. My character said things I never said. Patty told her story to four scriptwriters only from her perspective," Hans states. When Patty called her ex-producer "Greedy Hans", the Music Maestro reacted: "The pot calling the kettle black. A DVD came out years ago, and I wanted to get royalties for it. I was considered greedy because I wanted my share. Because of her (Patty), I lost millions". Hans had been in conflict with the Luv' ladies when they used backing tracks with his music during their live shows, which made him lose lots of money. "Somehow, we found an agreement, but I was not satisfied," Luv's creator adds.

However, he attended the premiere. "I don't feel resentment towards anybody. I even spoke to her but could not understand what she said because it was so noisy there," Hans explains.

Hans and Patty were briefly romantically involved. Here's what the producer remembers: "We had an affair for a month. When she applied for Luv', we had feelings for each other. Twenty-five years later, we had feelings again when she visited me with a camera crew. This reunion happened so much time later. I only had two options: either I told her that she made me lose so much money and that I was still furious at her or make up. I chose the second option," Hans asserts.

  • New Luv' Dolls (March 20th)

On March 20th, Cw Miniaturen Dolls posted on Facebook pictures of Luv' dolls wearing their legendary "U.O.Me" costumes from the iconic series "Het is weer zo laat" in 1978.

Cw Miniaturen Dolls previously produced other Luv' dolls wearing iconic outfits.

Source: Marco Rens, Facebook & Instagram (Official Luv', Marga Scheide, José Hoebee Fan Page, CW Miniaturen Dolls), Marga Scheide, Story, SBS6, Weekend, Weekend, Casper Janssen

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