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  • Photo du rédacteurRalph Ruiz

Marga Scheide's advice to Robert ten Brink: "Keep doing what you're good at!"

Dutch TV presenter Robert ten Brink, famous for his high-rated TV shows "All You Need Is Love" and "VriendenLoterij Miljonairs", is facing a crisis in his career. His latest program on RTL 4 " Opvoeden Doe Je Zo" flopped.

Recently, Dutch celebrity gossip magazine Story asked a panel of celebrities to answer this question: "After the flop of "Opvoeden doe je zo" should Robert ten Brink only remain Dr Love?" In other words, should the TV personality only host shows which proved their worth?

To this question, the former Luv' singer, Marga Scheide, answered: "Yes. Keep doing what you're good at. Especially if the viewers ignore you in other programs".

Source: Story, Mediacourant


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