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Marga Scheide in the summer edition of Story

The summer edition of Story magazine features a short article about Marga Scheide.

The singer discusses her first love story in Spain. "I've been to the Spanish coasts as long as I can remember. I was five years old when I went there for the first time. I saw all the changes there through the years. We often performed there with Luv'. I also had my first love story there. A Spanish boy who worked in a discotheque. I danced every morning until 6 am because I wanted to stay by his side. He eventually fell in love with me. In the beginning, I didn't know it, and I danced on a illuminated column in the disco. My father didn't like it. Then my feelings for this boy were over. It was the end of a nice summer love story," the former Luv' singer says.

Marga's ex-colleague, Patty Brard, also appears in Story's summer edition.

Source: Story, Marco Rens, Marga Scheide Fan Page (Facebook)


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