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Luv' & Marga Scheide in the media

Dernière mise à jour : 16 juin 2023

* On May 20th, German channel SWR aired the music program "Die 100 besten Kulthits der 70er", including the 100 greatest hits from the 1970s. Luv's iconic performance of "You're the Greatest Lover" on "Musikladen" was broadcast during this nostalgic TV show.

* On May 29th, Dutch channel ONS reran one episode of "Een bijzonder jaar" about the year 1979 featuring Luv' at the height of their career. The program featured the girl group in an excerpt from the Polygoonjournaal (newsreel), originally aired on May 31st, 1979.

The episode of "Een bijzonder jaar" featuring Luv' was initally broadcast on January 16th.

Rijk de Gooyer giving platinum records to Luv', as shown on "Een Bijzonder Jaar"

* Following Marga Scheide's recent revelation concerning Michiel Gunning's terminal colon and lung cancer on De Telegraaf, SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws" featured an item about this tragedy on June 5th. The program drew 411.000 viewers (market share: 17.2%). Shownieuws anchorwoman Tooske Ragas and her colleague, the showbiz expert and editor-in-chief of Privé magazine Evert Santegoeds, discussed this sad news.

In addition to De Telegraaf and Shownieuws, other Dutch media mentioned Marga and Michiel's misfortune.

The latest issue of Privé (De Telegraaf's sister magazine) features an article about this issue.

NOUVEAU, Holland's largest luxury platform for women over 45, posted an article. Click here to read it.

Michiel Gunning and Marga Scheide at the premiere of the Dutch musical "Op Hoop Van Zegen" at the Zaantheater in Zaandam on January 28th, 2019

We wish Michiel and Marga lots of courage.

* On June 11th, Cw Miniaturen Dolls posted pictures of Luv' dolls wearing the 1980 "My Number One" military outfits on its Facebook page.

Cw Miniaturen Dolls previously produced other Luv' dolls wearing iconic outfits.

Source: Official Luv' (Facebook, CW Miniaturen Dolls), Marco Rens, Michael Verkooyen, Martin Vink

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