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Luv' on "Een Bijzonder Jaar"

Rijk de Gooyer giving platinum records to Luv'

On January 16th, Dutch channel ONS broadcast one episode of "Een bijzonder jaar" about the year 1979 featuring Luv' at the height of their career. On January 20th, ONS reran the program. A second rerun is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.

ONS (formerly known as NostalgieNet) targets TV viewers aged 50 years or older. Een bijzonder jaar (A Special Year) is a series of programs which provides an overview of everything that happened in a specific year and discusses subjects in the areas of politics, sports, culture and other news.

In addition to Luv's success, the Pope's visit to communist Poland, the release of the movie 'Kort Amerikaans' and Mount Etna's eruption were the events which marked 1979.

Montage by Marco Rens

Luv' reached their peak in 1979. The three popular singers scored hit after hit in their homeland and abroad. They collected ten gold and platinum records that year and the icing on the cake: they won the Conamus Export Award for Best selling Dutch recording act abroad (2.5 million records sold outside the Netherlands in 1979).

The "Een bijzonder jaar" episode about 1979 featured Luv' in an excerpt from the Polygoonjournaal (newsreel), originally aired on May 31st, 1979.

Luv' on Een Bijzonder Jaar

The news report included footage of:

  • the release party of the "Lots Of Luv'" album at the Lido Club in Amsterdam on May 15th, 1979, which coincided with Rick de Gooyer's presentation of platinum awards for "You're Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse" to Luv'.

  • the group which performed "Casanova" on the TROS special "Lots Of Luv'" taped at the Ponypark in Slagharen.

Luv" on Polygoonjournaal

Here's the English translation of the comment of Philip Bloemendal, the voice of the Polygoonjournal: "Actor Rijk de Gooyer has easy access to the Police's means of transport these days now that he plays the role of adjutant Henk Grijpstra in the new Dutch movie "Grijpstra & De Gier". He was ready to greet three Dutch girls who parade daily on the Top 10 lists of the pop world because it doesn't often happen to a police officer. They received gold and platinum records for"Trojan Horse" sales in the Netherlands and Germany. Things are going in the same direction with their new record, "Casanova", because it is not ready to disappear from the hit parades".

Video edited by Marco Rens

Source: ONS, Official Luv' (Facebook), Beeld en geluid

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