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Lettrix (featuring Patty Brard): flop on SBS6

Gers Pardoel, Patrick Martens and Patty Brard on Lettrix

Patty Brard has lost her Midas Touch on television for years.

SBS6's new Lingo-type panel game "Lettrix", hosted by Patrick Martens and featuring the ex-Luv' singer and rapper Gers Pardoel as contestants, premiered on July 3rd and only attracted 111.000 viewers (market share: 3.8%). Dutch media experts (including Mediacourant ,Tina Nijkamp and Angela de Jong) considered Lettrix a megaflop.

Here is Patty's impression of her participation in Lettrix:

La Brard depends less on television after her exclusive contract with Talpa TV was not renewed in March, and she regained her freelance status. She is less obsessed with TV viewing figures than in the past now she is a lucky entrepreneur who has wisely multiplied partnerships with Kruidvat.

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant

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