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La Brard in the media

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2021

* Yesterday, SBS6's home renovation show De Grote Huisverbouwing (hosted by Patty Brard) attracted 224.000 viewers (market share: 4.2%).

* Here are the latest viewing figures of Shownieuws (SBS6's entertainment news program featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert):

  • November 30th: 446.000 viewers/market share: 15.8%

  • December 1st: 465.000 viewers/market share: 17.2%

  • December 4th: 492.000 viewers/market share: 16%

During the November 30th broadcast, Patty mentioned the Hazes family. During the rehearsals for the Hij Gelooft In Mij musical, Rachel Hazes answered questions about her son, André and the current situation between him and his ex Monique. Recently, André and Monique celebrated Sinterklaas' arrival. "Rachel says it's obvious that every father wants to celebrate Sinterklaasintocht with his son. It doesn't mean that there is a relationship again. In my opinion, there is no relationship. In the therapy André is having now, there is no room for romance," Patty told.

In the same broadcast, Patty talked about Gordon who recently misbehaved at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The singer and TV personality was furious when an airline company forbade him from flying to Dubai because of a recent trip to South Africa exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant. Patty thought that Gordon had lost his self-control. "I always laugh at Gordon because the only thing he can count is his money and someone should teach him that when he gets angry, he should count to ten. Hahaha," the former Luv' singer said.

During the December 1st broadcast, Patty discussed the public apology Maxime Meiland made after the controversial remarks by her mother, Erica Meiland, about women wearing a hijab in the Netherlands. The Meilands are famous due to the success of their family reality show "Chateau Meiland" on SBS6. Recently, Erica published a book containing passages about Islam and women wearing an Islamic veil in Dutch society. She explained that she was in favour of a Burqa ban. Erica's opinion caused a sensation in the Netherlands and sponsors of the Meilands ended their partnership with one of the most famous Dutch families. First, Maxime supported her mother and was a victim of the cancel culture. In a message posted on Instagram, she backtracked and apologized to the "people who were hurt by this situation". According to Patty, this apology was not sincere and was motivated by the fact that sponsors (such as Nivea and HelloFresh) broke their contracts with the Meiland family. "Well, it's too late. She shouldn't have made these remarks at the time and she should have said: "I support my mother but I don't agree with her". She should have done it one week earlier because Nivea and HelloFresh are not ready to tell: "It's OK, girl. We're coming back to you!". It will take a certain time before they collaborate again," Patty said.

* The "Patty Patty Patty" section of the December 1st episode of RoddelPraat on YouTube (hosted by controversial media personalities Jan Roos and Dennis Schouten) dealt with La Brard's recent appearance on Robbert Rodenburg's talk show "Open Kaart".

* The latest issue of Story magazine features an article about Patty Brard. The SBS6 star talked about her mother Gerda who died earlier this year. Last year, she faced her sister Debby in court. She had been legally in conflict with her for five years and Debby forbade her to see her mother. After this legal dispute, Patty was allowed to see Gerda again. She was even reconciled with her daughter Priscilla. Debby also played a role in the feud between Patty and Priscilla. Fortunately, mother and daughter are on good terms now.

Source: SBS6, SKO, YouTube, RoddelPraat, Story


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