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In Luv' with Chimène van Oosterhout

Here's Chimène van Oosterhout's news between October and late December:

  • "Beter Lopen" Gala

On October 6th, Chimène hosted a fundraising gala for Stichting Beter Lopen, a foundation that helps people with a physical disability walk again. This event, organized by Liesbeth Mekkering van Velzen, raised € 200.300 and promoted the Lokomat, a robot-assisted walking therapy. The Brotherhood, A Night with the King and Jeroen van der Boom performed during this evening which took place at Hart van Holland, a venue in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.

Photos by Willem Jan de Bruin:

  • Gala for Breast Care Foundation

On October 9th, Chimène participated in another fundraising gala for the Breast Care Foundation in association with the Alexander Monro Hospital, specializing in breast cancer and which celebrated its 10th anniversary. This event, which also took place at Hart van Holland in Nijkerk, raised €1.7 million. Dutch illusionist Hans Klok, singers Shirma Rouse René Froger and Jeroen van der Boom performed during this evening.

  • Ambassador for Verhuisdieren

In October, Chimène was the ambassador for, an online platform for humans and animals. People can adopt a pet on this website. They can also create a profile for their animals if they are looking for a new owner or a temporary shelter.

Click here to read Chimène's interview posted on the Verhuisdieren's blog on October 18th. The former Luv' singer discussed her love for her dogs, Spotty and Simba.

  • Planting coral in Bali

On November 8th, Chimène posted on social media photos and videos of herself participating in an honourable project developed by the Livingseas Foundation. The multi-talented media personality was the lucky winner of the Tui Care Foundation and Disney contest to plant coral in Bali, Indonesia.

  • Nederland Ontdekt

Chimène and Dutch entrepreneur Diederik van Nederveen took part in the filming of one episode of the RTL 4's program "Nederland Ondekt" in late November and December. Van Nederveen developed the "Amino Alliance", a powder with L-arginine, which ensures that more oxygen can be absorbed into the blood, with all the positive consequences that entails, such as a better night's sleep and more energy. It is suitable for everyone and is also used by top athletes.

Chimène and Diederik appeared on RTL 7's program, "Business Class" on October 8th to discuss the "Amino Alliance".

Chimène van Oosterhout and Diederik van Nederveen

  • Chimène in Story

Lyam & Chimène

The December 13th issue of Story magazine featured an article about Chimène. The larger-than-life celebrity discussed several subjects, including her health issues and her son Lyam. "My 20-year-old son Lyam has moved abroad. He went to Spain, where his father also lives. He studies there and plays ice hockey there at a professional level. I am also looking for a house there now. What else am I supposed to do here? He recently said: "Yes, but Mom, maybe I want to leave this place in a year". I recently bought a house in Amsterdam to be closer to him, and then he moved to Spain. So let's wait and see," Chimène explained.

Moreover, an item about Lyam moving to Spain was broadcast on December 15th on the entertainment news program "Sterrenstof" on Libelle TV (in association with Story). Click here to watch it.

  • Chimène in Vriendin

The December 19th issue of Vriendin magazine featured an article about Chimène.

  • Columns for Wendy

Chimène writes monthly columns for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialising in women's issues) and Wendy magazine.

On November 28th, she posted a column in which she wrote her "challenges" (including her health and her relationship with her son) were secondary compared to serious issues such as the War in Ukraine and Gaza. Click here to read it.

In her column posted on Christmas day, Chimène reflected on everything she experienced this year, including her heart problems. Click here to read it.

Source: Chimène van Oosterhout on social media (Facebook, Instagram), Beter Lopen, Breast care Foundation, Verhuisdieren, Livingseas Foundation, Tui Care Foundation, Disney, RTL 4, Amino Alliance, Story, Vriendin, Wendy...

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