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Hans van Hemert's birthday

Dutch legendary record producer Hans van Hemert (the "father" of Luv') celebrates his 78th birthday.

Happy Birthday Maestro! Long Live the King of Dutch Pop Music!

In addition to Luv', Hans produced the crème de la crème of Holland's music scene for more than five decades (Q65, The Motions, Ro-d-ys, Zen, Group 1850, Big Wheel, Sommerset, Cardinal Point, Ramses Shaffy and Liesbeth List, Sandra & Andres, Mouth & MacNeal, Kamahl, American Gypsy, Vulcano, André Hazes, Glennis Grace...). In 2017, he won the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the Buma Awards.

Source: Luv' weblog archives

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