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Hans van Hemert & Willy Betist: "Living like God in France"

The September 28th edition of De Telegraaf, Holland's most-read newspaper, featured an article about the legendary producer and songwriter Hans van Hemert in its "Privé" (entertainment news) section. Click here to read the article online.

Hans became (inter)nationally famous for the hits he produced for Mouth & MacNeal, Luv', Q65, Ramses Shaffy and Liesbeth List, Sandra & Andres, Kamahl, American Gypsy, André Hazes and Vulcano.

Earlier this summer, the Music Maestro, who has had prostate cancer since 2007, announced that his health situation has worsened in De Telegraaf.

The past few months have been tough for Hans. The producer with the Midas Touch lived with the idea that he had ended up in the final phase of his life after prostate cancer had spread rapidly throughout his body. But after a few significant interventions, things suddenly look a lot brighter.

Famous Dutch artists recently visited Hans' house in Blaricum, the Netherlands, to support him. One of these celebrities was the iconic entertainer André van Duin, who had known Hans for over fifty years.

André van Duin & Hans van Hemert

Hans and André's reunion was so wonderful and moving. They shared stories and agreed to see each other again soon," Willy Betist, Hans' partner, said.

Hans felt good until this summer, after a visit to the Laren fair, when he developed back problems and foot drop, and further investigation showed that it was suddenly all wrong. It turned out that there had been metastases to vital organs. Radiation and chemotherapy were his last chance.

But recently, things went better. "It is nothing less than a miracle. Hans is so strong. He has now completed a second round of chemotherapy, and on Wednesday morning, we heard that the tumours have shrunk, and the prognosis is suddenly a lot better. The disease has not gone, but it's suddenly taken such a completely new turn that there is plenty of hope again," Willy explained.

Due to this great news, Hans left with his family to his second home in Marthomis, France,

which was his dearest wish. "Hans really wanted to see his house in the South of France one last time. We dare to do it now. The doctors gave their blessing," Willy added.

Earlier today, Willy posted a beautiful photo of Hans and her on Facebook with a text which said: "Enjoying France 🇫🇷".

Willy & Hans. This picture perfectly illustrates the Dutch expression: "Living like God in France"

We wish Hans van Hemert a speedy recovery.

Source: De Telegraaf, Facebook (Official Luv', Hans van Hemert, Willy Betist)


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