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Albert Verlinde criticizes Patty Brard for her comments about Bibian Mentel's widower

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2021

Albert Verlinde Vs Patty Brard

On September 23rd, Patty Brard discussed shocking news as a showbiz expert on SBS6's entertainment news program Shownieuws: Edwin Spee revealed on Instagram he had a new girlfriend, only six months after his wife, Dutch athlete Bibian Mentel died of cancer. Click here to read an article about this subject.

Shortly afterwards, Albert Verlinde, Patty's colleague on Shownieuws, reacted to the diva's judgemental comments about Edwin Spee's new romance. "Earlier this week, Patty said: "Why does this man do it? He's not a teenager who falls in love!". I think he should act the way he wants," Albert Verlinde said on Shownieuws.

"First of all, Bibian didn't die unexpectedly. There has been a sad period for years before her passing. Bibian and Edwin might have talked about this issue. Their private life is none of our business. Let them decide for themselves," Verlinde added.

On September 26th, Edwin Spee and his son gave an interview on Shownieuws. "I think if their son accepts the situation, that's what matters. Who are we to judge? If someone says that such a relationship is not possible, I think it's going too far. Such comments should not be said, " Verlinde told.

Source: SBS6 (Shownieuws),


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