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Tim, José Hoebee's son, gets married in Sardinia

Last week's issue of Privé magazine featured an article about José Hoebee, who attended her son Tim's wedding in Sardinia.

Tim married Carlotta Pux in Cagliari, Sardinia on June 17th. "Tim and Carlotta have been together for a while and really wanted to get married. Her family organized the wedding and made a very romantic day in her birthplace Cagliari, in the South of Sardinia. After the church ceremony, we went to Carlotta's family house, where we enjoyed a fantastic dinner and a party in the garden where a local band was playing. Tim wore a tailor-made costume based on an Italian movie. Carlotta looked great in her beautiful white wedding dress. It was so nice to see Tim so happy. Carlotta's family accepted him, and his wife has become a fabulous daughter-in-law to me. Am I going to be a grandmother soon? It's up to them to decide, but a grandchild is always welcome," José said.

Source: Privé, José Hoebee Fan Page (Facebook)

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