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This Old Heart Of Mine by Luv': 30th anniversary

Dernière mise à jour : 10 sept. 2022

Thirty years ago precisely, on February 21st, 1992, Luv's single "This Old Heart of Mine" was released by Dutch label JAM Records and distributed by CNR Multidisk. At this time, the trio's line-up consisted of Marga Scheide (the only original member), Diana van Berlo and Carina Lemoine. Let's celebrate the 30th anniversary of this underestimated record.


In 1989, Marga resurrected Luv' without Patty Brard and José Hoebee. She trademarked the group's name and recruited other members: 23-year-old Diana van Berlo (from Helmond, the Netherlands) and 28-year-old Michelle Gold (from London, UK). This new line-up scored a Top 30 hit in Holland and Belgium in the autumn of 1989: the dance-pop single "Welcome To My Party".

Luv' in 1989: Diana, Marga & Michelle

Though the ladies never achieved the level of popularity of the original trio, they successfully toured the club circuit and frequently appeared on TV.

In the summer of 1990, Michelle Gold was replaced by 21-year old Carina Lemoine. On December 14th, 1990, Luv' gave a memorable show for the Dutch marines at the Hyatt Hotel in Dubai. This unique performance was front-page news in the Netherlands.

Luv' and marines in Dubai (1990)

In October 1991, Luv's jazzy single "He's My Guy" (taken from the "Sincerely Yours" album) was a minor hit and peaked at #75 on the Dutch singles chart (Nationale Top 100).

Luv' in 1991: Marga, Diana & Carina - Photo edited by Marco Rens

October 23rd, 1991, saw the launch of Luv's first official fan club. Here's what Martin Vink (who was involved in this project) wrote on his Facebook page about the 30th anniversary of this special moment: "Wednesday, October 23rd, 1991 - 2021🍾🥂🎶 The first official Luv' Fan Club is a fact!! Patty, Marga and José never had a fan club during their Luv' era (1977-1981). Hans, Bonnie St. Claire's manager, came up with this idea in 1990 and approached Marga, Diana and Michelle to start a Luv' fan club. After Carina replaced Michelle and Marga gave her blessing, I decided precisely 30 years ago to launch a fan club with Arnold, Mirjam, Ronald, Marijke and (as I've previously named him) Hans! We all had a specific task within the fan club and Diana, Carina and Marga wrote stories, gave us photos and that's how we enjoyed a fantastic 1992💞"

Luv's fan club (which was registered at the Dutch Fan club federation) published four fanzines (including songs lyrics, birthday and Christmas cards). The post address of the club was mentioned on the back cover of "This Old Heart Of Mine". Jaap Buijs Management collaborated with Luv's fan club. In late 1992, the club stopped after Carina and Diana decided to end their work with Marga.

Luv' fanzines covers and promotional cards

After the disappointing sales of Sincerely Yours and the singles taken from it, Luv' decided to cover the R&B classic "This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)". The ladies recorded a 1990s dance-pop version of the legendary track. Marga's partner at the time, Jacques Zwart (aka E. Mergency) supervised the recording session.

This Holland–Dozier–Holland song was first performed by The Isley Brothers in 1965. Motown's Tamla label released it on January 12th, 1966. It became an instant hit. The track peaked at number twelve on the Billboard Hot 100, and at number six on the Billboard R&B Singles chart in 1966. In the UK, the song initially reached number 47 in April 1966, but it re-charted in late 1968 and reached number three for two weeks in November, making it the group's highest-charting UK single.

It was originally intended for The Supremes (who later recorded their version for their 1966 album The Supremes A' Go-Go).

Tammi Terrell also recorded and released the song as a part of her Irresistible album released in January 1969.

In 1975, Rod Stewart covered the song that charted in several countries (Ireland: #3,

UK: #4, USA: #83 and Germany: #41). In 1989, he re-recorded it - this time as a duet with Ronald Isley (lead singer and founding member of The Isley Brothers) that was a bigger hit: Australia: #94, Flanders/Belgium: #29, Canada: #2, Ireland #25, Netherlands: #49, Poland #49, UK: #51, USA: #10 and Germany: #51.

Marga broke her wrist at the Jaap Eden ice rink in Amsterdam around the same time as the release of Luv's This Old Heart Of Mine. The February 24th, 1992 edition of Algemeen Dagblad featured an article about this incident and the taping of a TV special in Finland where Luv' performed their new single.

Algemeen Dagblad - February 24th, 1992

Click here to read the article online

Despite a promotion on TV, Luv's cover of The Isley Brothers' song was not successful. In late 1992, Luv's line-up consisting of Marga, Diana and Carina broke up. Luv's original trio (Patty, José and Marga) reunited successfully in the Spring of 1993 to put out the Luv' Gold compilation. But that's another story...

Commercial performance

This Old Heart Of Mine by Luv' failed to break into the Dutch charts and was a commercial failure.

TV performances

  • March 16th, 1992: TV special 'Alternatieve Elfstedentocht op de Poolcirkel" filmed in Lapland, Finland and broadcast on NCRV, including "This Old Heart Of Mine", "They say" and "He's My Guy"

  • March 23rd, 1992: G'oud en Nieuw on NCRV

  • April 7th, 1992: 5 Uur Show on RTL 4

Tracklisting & release

This Old Heart Of Mine - 7" vinyl single (45 rpm) - original release by JAM Records

Back cover

  • A side: This Old Heart Of Mine (Holland, Dozier, Holland, Moy) - 4:02

  • B side: They Say (E. Mergency, M. Scheide) - 3:35

Vocals: Marga Scheide, Diana van Berlo and Carina Lemoine

Produced by Hit Jam for Jam Records

Reissue on digital platforms

On October 12th, 2021, 'This Old Heart Of Mine' and 'They Say' (from 1992) became available on digital platforms.

Click on the links to listen to these tracks:

Casper Janssen assisted Marga Scheide (who held the copyright on this record) to reissue it.

Source: (archives), Martin Vink (Facebook),,,, YouTube

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