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PATTY series to premiere on February 18th on Videoland / Marga & José's reaction

"PATTY", a series with five episodes based on Patty Brard's life, will premiere on Videoland, RTL's video-on-demand streaming service, on February 18th.

Will Koopman directed "PATTY". She is the woman who created the successful series "Gooische Vrouwen" with Linda de Mol and who is also responsible for directing "Oogappels", which won a Golden Televizier Ring (Dutch TV award) in 2023.

Holly Mae Brood played the role of the young Patty, and Eva van de Wijdeven portrayed the mature Patty. The other cast members are Julia Lammerts (as José Hoebee), Teunie de Brouwer (as Marga Scheide), Chris Peters as Ron Brandsteder (Patty's first husband), Lorenzo de Moor as Carlo Nasi (Patty's second husband), Jim Bakkum as René Muthert (Patty's third husband), Mattijn Hartemink as Antoine van de Vijver (Patty's current husband), Nadja Hüpscher as Patty's mother, Bo Tarenskeen as Patty's father, Astrid van Eck as Patty's older sister, Dewi Welschen as the young Priscilla Nasi (Patty's daughter) and Emma Buysse as the older Priscilla.

Nadja Hüpscher as Patty's mother

Eva van de Wijdeven as Patty Brard and Emma Buysse as Priscilla Nasi

Trailers for the series were posted on social media:

The series has been promoted in the media and social networks since January.

RTL Boulevard - January 25th

Many Luv' fans are not on good terms with La Brard, especially after the incident about Peter Boonstra's photo book in 2015 and her frequent rude remarks towards Marga Scheide and José Hoebee in interviews. The group's admirers are curious about the sequences related to Luv' and fear that Marga and José might be portrayed in a non-flattering way. They could not stomach the disrespectful passages about Luv' from Patty's best-selling biography published four years ago.

Patty's Videoland series will have a festive premiere at the Huishoudbeurs (houseware fair) at the RAI Amsterdam on February 18th. The cast will be present during this party. Click here for tickets to attend the premiere.

The February 9th edition of RTL 4's infotainment news show "RTL Boulevard" featured an interview with Patty discussing the series. "There is no series about living celebrities in the Netherlands. It's so nice. What an honour!" the diva said. "Anything about a public figure hits the headlines: the ups, the downs, the love affairs, the financial situation, the family's issues. This is my story," she added. The larger-than-life media personality explained she had no enemies despite the past tensions within Luv'. "I invited everybody to the premiere. Everybody has a second chance. I invited Marga and José, and I hope they'll come. They were feuds. A lot has happened in my life. René Muthert doesn't need to come," Patty asserted. Click here to watch an excerpt from Patty's interview on RTL Boulevard.

Moreover, Miss Brard graced the cover of the latest issue of Mezza, AD's weekend supplement, published on February 10th. The Shownieuws expert discussed the series, family conflicts, her three divorces, money problems and a penchant for partying, drinking and drugs during her wild years. "I thought: Brard, it's a miracle that you're still alive!" she declared.

Marga & José's reaction

Today's edition of De Telegraaf features an article about Marga Scheide and José Hoebee reacting to Patty's series in its "Privé" (entertainment news) section. La Brard's ex-colleagues explain they were never invited to the series' premiere.

"It's great what Patty said on television, but something's wrong, I did not receive any invitation. Not by e-mail, letter, WhatsApp, or phone. I'm not waiting for that because she didn't treat me nicely. She has something to promote and thinks I will attend the premiere. I don't want to think about it. Patty has always done everything to attract attention, so I'm not surprised!" José says.

"It seems to me that if you want to invite someone, you do it personally and not through a television program," Marga asserts.

"Fortunately, I don’t have a subscription to Videoland, so I can’t be bothered. Others will watch the series for me. If lies about me are shown in this show, I will consider taking legal action," José adds.

PR manager Jaco Peeringa, who put together the guest list with Patty, is surprised. "I sent Marga and José an invitation via a mailing list on WhatsApp last week. But I'm going to send a private message to the ladies one-on-one. Because, of course, they are still welcome!” he confirms.

There won't be a Luv' reunion at the RAI because Marga, who will turn 70 on February 15th, will celebrate her birthday three days later, on the 18th, the day of Patty's premiere.

Source: RTL / Videoland, Instagram, YouTube, RTL Nieuws, RTL Boulevard, AD/Mezza, De Telegraaf/Privé

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