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Ria Thielsch: The Soundtrack Of Her Life!

Photo by Robert Hoetink - Edited by Co Rnz

"Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing - Thanks for all the joy they're bringing - Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty - What would life be? - Without a song or a dance, what are we? - So I say thank you for the music - For giving it to me" - Thank You For The Music by ABBA (1977)

Today, the ex-Luv' singer, Ria Thielsch, celebrates her birthday. As we say in Dutch: "Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd Met Je Verjaardag!". In her honour, I've decided to repost Ria's interview, initially published on my former Luv' blog in March 2021.

Music is a huge part of everybody's existence. People's favourite songs are indeed the soundtrack of their lives. I asked Ria about her favourite tracks of all time in everyday situations. She accepted to answer my questions. Thanks Ria for making this musical interview possible.

What's your favourite song to be in a good mood?

Ria: Let's Groove by Earth, Wind & Fire or Push It by Salt'n Pepa.

What's your favourite song when you cook in your kitchen?

Ria: Anything from Creedence Clearwater Revival.

What's your favourite song for romance?

Ria: You Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me by Gladys Knight.

What's your favourite song when you drive in your car?

Ria: Any good song by The Bee Gees, Joe Cocker or Avicii.

What's your favourite song when you feel sad?

Ria: I hesitate between Riders In The Storm by The Doors and Into The Mystic by Van Morrison.

What's your favourite musical guilty pleasure?

Ria: Whatever You Want by Status Quo.

What's your favourite Dutch song?

Ria: It's hard to choose between Zing, Vecht, Huil, Bid, Lach, Werk en Bewonder by Ramses Shaffy and Door De Wind by Miss Montreal.

What are your favourite French chansons?

Ria: Hélène by Julien Clerc and Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi by Michel Delpech.

What's your favourite song to play on your birthday?

Ria: The acapella version of Happy Birthday by Jennifer Hudson.

Source: Luv' weblog archives, YouTube

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