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Patty's appearances on Shownieuws: viewing figures and items (Nick & Simon, Waylon, Gordon...)

Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS6's infotainment program "Shownieuws" featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert:

  • September 4th: 396.000 viewers/market share: 15.8%

  • September 7th: 403.000 viewers/market share: 17.5%

  • September 16th: 366.000 viewers/market share: 14.7%

During the September 4th broadcast, Patty and her team discussed the latest news about Nick & Simon. On August 29th, the Dutch singing duo talked about their future plans on Eva Jinek's talk show on RTL 4. The two pop stars decided to stop their musical collaboration and continue to be involved together in TV programs. One of the shows which will feature Nick & Simon as TV personalities will be "Avastars" on SBS6. "I think it's gonna be a difficult situation. They will have to be on cam together and we saw last week it's gonna be tough between them," Patty said about Nick & Simon's new plans on the small screen.

During the September 7th broadcast, La Brard and her Shownieuws colleagues mentioned Waylon who cancelled his interview on Eva Jinek's talk show and Dutch actor Thijs Römer accused of sexual misconduct.

The reason why Waylon refused to appear on Jinek was that Bibi Breijman, his girlfriend and mother of his two children, didn't want it. The couple has been through a lot of things in the past weeks. "Rumour has it that Bibi is fed up with this situation after she explained it on YouTube. She doesn't want to repeat herself. After she forgave him, she is not interested in hearing other people's opinions," Patty told. Earlier this year, the former Luv' lady criticized the Dutch singer who cheated on Bibi when she was pregnant.

Thijs Römer cancelled many of his commitments on his agenda due to allegations of sexual misbehaviour. Patty thought he made the right decision. "I think he should keep a low profile for a while and it's good he turned down a role in a lucrative movie," she said.

During the September 16th broadcast, Patty expressed her point of view about the forthcoming closure of Gordon's café "Blushing" in Blaricum. "Due to the enormous staff shortage, my business is no longer operational. It hurts a lot to see my company ends like this in the wake of a global pandemic,Gordon wrote on his Instagram account two days ago. The reason why the pop singer and TV host announced this sad news this way was because Shownieuws already knew it. "He didn't want to react at first. But then, things went fast. He put it on Instagram and wanted to tell his version of the story," Patty explained. The diva told that Gordon didn't inform his personnel. "Our reporter went there and told the crew members: "We've heard you are going to shut down". The personnel didn't know it. It was a painful situation," she added. It took the Blushing crew by surprise. "There was a poster hanging on the wall which said: "Staff Wanted". Gordon wanted to end his business in a good way but didn't succeed," Miss Brard asserted.

According to Patty, Gordon is more and more losing his bond with his country. "I understand that when you settle down in Dubai and you have been happy there for a year, you may think: "I don't want to fight anymore so let it be," the SBS6 star said. Gordon owns two other restaurants in Amsterdam which remain open to this day. By the way, Blushing is the place where Patty and her ex-Luv' colleague José Hoebee were briefly reconciled eight years ago. Luv's father Hans van Hemert, TV personality Viola Holt and Gordon were present too. But this reconciliation didn't last long as a few months later, Patty and José had a feud over Peter Boonstra's photo book about Luv' which was banned due to copyright issues.

José Hoebee, Patty Brard, Gordon and Viola Holt at Blushing on August 13th, 2014

Patty Brard, José Hoebee and Hans van Hemert at Blushing

Pat and Goor seem not to be on good terms anymore. Their relationship has deteriorated since Gordon's move to Dubai. In early 2020, SBS6 aired a travel show, featuring the two larger-than-life celebrities in search of eternal youth, which reached disappointing viewing figures. In the Spring of 2020, the duo was supposed to co-host a talk show but due to the coronavirus, the tapings never happened and this TV project was cancelled.

Patty & Gordon in happier times in 2020

Source: Patty Brard on social media, SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant, Luv' weblog archives...

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