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Patty Brard's latest SBS6 news: Shownieuws and Christmas promo

Patty Brard backstage at Shownieuws on November 29th

SBS6's infotainment program "Shownieuws" featured Patty Brard as a showbiz expert and drew 432.000 viewers (market share: 7.9%).

The diva and her team discussed several subjects, including:

  • The latest episode of SBS6's reality show "Urk!" featuring Mathilde giving birth to her son Jason. Patty gave news about the young woman and her baby.

  • Marc van der Linden who got better after a recent cerebral infarction.

  • Gordon's latest photos and messages on social media after weeks of silence and new TV projects.

A couple of weeks ago, Patty and her colleagues took part in the filming of a Christmas promo for SBS6.

Source: SBS6, SKO, Patty Brard's Instagram account


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