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Patty Brard on Shownieuws Zomereditie

Dernière mise à jour : 30 juil. 2022

Patty Brard often appears as a showbiz expert on the early evening edition (aka "Zomereditie" (summer edition) of SBS6's infotainment program "Shownieuws".

Here are the latest viewing figures for the TV program featuring Patty:

  • July 4th: 284.000 viewers/market share: 7.3%

  • July 5th: 225.000 viewers/market share: 6%

  • July 6th: 198.000 viewers/market share: 4.6%

  • July 7th: 230.000 viewers/market share: 5.6%

During the July 5th broadcast, the diva and her team discussed the Dutch farmers' protest. Recently, farmers began blocking roads with parked vehicles to shut down logistical chains for food distribution, including denying access to supermarkets. Patty told her bad experience in a local grocery store with empty shelves. "I really understand their problems and that they are not heard, but if you have been in a traffic jam for three days because everything is blocked and you cannot do your shopping, then I think: "Okay, guys, you have to be careful too," the former Luv' singer said. Moreover, during the same broadcast, Patty mentioned her interview last autumn on Open Kaart, Robbert Rodenburg's talk show on YouTube. The Prima Donna answered questions about her ex-colleague Bridget Maasland. Here's what Patty told about Robbert Rodenburg: "He mentioned that we on Shownieuws once said something untrue about a friend of his (Monica Geuze), and we should not have done that. A lot of images were edited".

During the July 6th broadcast, La Brard and her crew talked about the Dutch investigative journalist and crime reporter Peter R. de Vries who was shot to death precisely one year before, on this day. Patty's Shownieuws colleague, music expert Ronald Molendijk, was very emotional and had tears in his eyes. "I'll never forget that the three of us (Patty, Ronald and Bart Ettekoven) did the broadcast last year on this day," Patty explained. "I came from Gordon's birthday, still dressed as some harem girl, because he celebrated his departure to Dubai. John van den Heuvel suddenly went away. I was in the car and thought: "What's going on?". Then I entered the studio, and I saw Ronald in tears. I asked him: "What happened?" I'll never forget this day. I assume that Ronald, who knew him the best, has a bad day today," she added.

The July 7th broadcast featured the sixth episode of "Patty Op Ibiza", a mini-series about tips in Ibiza. The SBS6 star visited her friend Merel (who founded the hippy chic fashion brand "World Family Ibiza"). Merel was in charge of Patty's wedding styling in 2014.

Patty & Merel

Source: SBS6, SKO, Patty Brard's Instagram account,


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