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Patty Brard on Shownieuws: Fashion faux pas?

Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws", featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert:

  • January 13th: 432.000 viewers/market share: 15.5%

  • January 14th: 414.000 viewers/market share: 12%

During the January 13th broadcast, Patty appeared wearing the same outfit that Dutch media personality Monica Geuze wore on Eva Jinek's talk show three days earlier. The diva and her team discussed Gordon's recent videos of himself kissing his latest lover on his Instagram stories. In November, Gordon posted photos and messages on social media after weeks of silence and said he wanted to improve his communication by avoiding private matters. But now, the larger-than-life celebrity informs his followers about his privacy again. "It is true that if you announce that you will stop using Instagram and that you will only use it for work… this is different now," Patty said about Gordon's sudden shift in opinion.

Patty Brard wearing the same outfit as Monica Geuze on January 13th

During the January 14th, La Brard admitted outfit plagiarism. "Yesterday, I wore a pink blouse that Monica Geuze also wore on Eva Jinek earlier this week. I admit I watched this TV program and wanted to wear the same blouse. So I drove to a large department store, bought it, and wore it last night. Everyone went crazy," Patty told. "My poor stylist Kelly was blamed. She only told me where to buy it. I liked it so much. Female TV personalities are not allowed to wear the same thing in the same week. Monica and I have the same taste," she added.

Patty Brard on January 14th

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant, Patty Brard's Instagram account, Ditjes en Datjes...


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