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Patty Brard launches PB Beauty and the new Pritty collection with Priscilla + Cover of Beau Monde

April 24th saw the launch of Patty Brard's new skincare line, "PB Beauty", in association with Kruidvat, a Dutch pharmacy and drugstore chain specialising in health and beauty products and household items.

PB Beauty - commercial

Posted on April 23rd on social media

The PB Beauty launch party took place at Zotos Beauty Boutique and Salon in Amsterdam on April 24th.

Moreover, May 1st saw another launch, also in partnership with Kruidvat: the new collection of "Pritty", a jewellery line developed with Patty's daughter, Priscilla Nasi. The diva visited Priscilla at her workplace, the DOA animal shelter, in Amsterdam to present Pritty's new costume jewellery.

Video posted on May 1st on Instagram

Screenshots from the Kruidvat online brochure:

Yesterday, Patty posted other videos with Priscilla to promote "Pritty".

Priscilla & Patty

The icing on the cake is the cover of Beau Monde magazine's latest issue featuring Patty and Priscilla.

Mother and daughter discuss their good relationship after 11 years without contact. Although they are happy with their reunion, they want to take their time. "We would like to talk about our past difficulties, but we don't want to hasten things. We enjoy ourselves every day," Priscilla tells Beau Monde. "We focus now on the future," Patty says. "Everything has a reason. It is a pity that it took ten years to reunite, but that has led to where we are now. We are working on our bond as mother and daughter and as friends but also separately from each other. This was necessary," Priscilla adds.

The ladies have plans for the following months. They would like to travel to Morocco and have a common goal. "Another dream of ours is to start a luxury dog hotel in Ibiza with a shelter for needy dogs. The luxury dogs will check in this place, and we will reinvest the proceeds into the poor dogs," Patty explains.

Source: Patty Brard on social media, Kruidvat, Beau Monde, RTL Boulevard


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