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Patty Brard launches her "From PB with love" furniture and home decoration line

Last weekend, Patty Brard announced on social media the launch of her panther-print

"From PB with love" furniture and home decoration line in association with Kruidvat, a Dutch pharmacy and drugstore chain specialising in health, beauty and household products.

Patty's From PB with love furniture collection has been available on since October 3rd. Click here to see and buy the items. "From PB with love" furniture is only available online while supplies last. After October 31st, there is a waiting period of eight to ten weeks.

Screenshot from the Kruidvat online brochure:

After her successful ‘From PB with love’ household items collections since February 2020 and her recent "Pritty" jewellery line launched with her daughter, Patty has a new challenge: home decoration!

In association with Kruidvat, the former Luv' singer presented earlier this week her collection at the stand of De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture, as part of the VT Wonen & Design Fair which takes place until tomorrow at EXPO Greater Amsterdam.

Source: Patty Brard's Instagram collection, Kruidvat, De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture, VT Wonen&Design Beurs, Libelle,, Noordhollands Dagblad

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