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Patty Brard in the media

* Patty Brard appeared as a showbiz expert on the July 8th edition of SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws", which drew 511.000 viewers (market share: 24.8%).

The diva praised Linda de Mol, who recently caused controversy in Holland after she was reunited with the infamous Jeroen Rietbergen following the claims of sexual misconduct on "The Voice of Holland" in early 2022. "Earlier this week, I was in a studio for a new program which Linda de Mol presented. I couldn't stop looking at her. She looks so damn good. She's glowing with health, lost weight, and looks really happy. We've sung together in the studio and backstage. I texted her: 'Jeez, you're completely back to normal!". I was so happy about that. To see her at work made my day," Patty said.

La Brard discussed Linda's 59th birthday on July 8th. "Life begins at 59. Knowing Linda, she has a nice group of friends, and Linda likes sharing. It makes me very happy. Once a year, she takes her entire group of friends to Scotland, or I don't know where. Then she rents an Airbnb, and they play games and socialize for a whole weekend. I love that,” the ex-Luv' singer explained.

During the same broadcast of Shownieuws, Patty and her team mentioned the interruption of André Hazes Jr.'s performance at Bas Smit and Nicolette van Dam's Amsterdamse Zomer concert.

* On July 6th, Dutch pop singer and TV host Gordon celebrated his 55th birthday and did not invite Patty to the party. She and Gordon used to click in the past. They appeared on SBS6's travel show "Patty & Gordon Op Zoek Naar Eeuwige Jeugd", broadcast in early 2020. The duo was supposed to host a talk show on SBS6, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this project was cancelled. Then, their relationship deteriorated after Gordon's move to Dubai. According to an article in the latest issue of Party magazine, Patty let Gordon down. The flamboyant entertainer didn't appreciate the way the Prima Donna discussed the closure of his café "Blushing" in Blaricum last year on Shownieuws. "With friends like that, you don't need enemies anymore...," Gordon wrote back then on Instagram to react to Patty's comments without mentioning her.

Gordon and Patty in Party

* In the latest issue of De Showbuzz magazine, Patty reveals her beauty secret for eternal youth: a facial roller!

* Yesterday, Patty's daughter, Priscilla Nasi celebrated her 40th birthday. As a proud mother, La Brard posted a nice video on Instagram:

Source: Marco Rens, Shownieuws (SBS6), Mediacourant, SKO, Party, De Showbuzz, Instagram


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