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Patty Brard criticizes Anouk's new haircut on Shownieuws: "She looks like a portobello!"

Yesterday, SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws" featured Patty Brard as a showbiz expert and drew 254.000 viewers (market share: 4.9%).

At the end of the broadcast, the former Luv' singer criticized pop singer Anouk's new haircut. "I wanted to end the program positively, but I'd like to share a picture of Anouk's new haircut," Patty said.

The diva showed a photo of Anouk's hairdo to her Shownieuws colleagues (anchorwoman Dyantha Brooks, music expert Ronald Molendijk and showbiz specialist Bart Ettekoven).

"Yes, I know Donny Roelvink has the same haircut, but I think it looks like a portobello mushroom on a woman," Patty asserted.

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant


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