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Patty Brard about beauty on Bitterzoet's latest episode

The April 21st episode of "Bitterzoet", a program on AD's video platform "Play", featured an interview with Patty Brard. "The ideal image" was the subject of this episode. Click here to watch Bitterzoet.

"Sometimes, I need some improvement on my face. That's why I call the doctor to get injections. I spend a lot of money on beauty but I think I deserve it. I'm not afraid of getting older. I'm afraid of getting really ugly," the diva said.

"I watch myself in the mirror and sometimes I say to myself: "Wow! You look horrible today!" I share it on social media. We need some work done here, darling. I think Dutch women don't take care of themselves enough. They deserve respect for what they do daily. They often forget themselves," she added.

Source: AD/Play


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