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Miss Brard's latest appearances on Shownieuws: viewing figures and latest items discussed

Here are the viewing figures of SBS6's infotainment program "Shownieuws", featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert:

  • August 4th: 470.000 viewers/market share: 20.5%

  • August 5th: 521.000 viewers/market share: 24.5%

  • August 7th: 552.000 viewers/market share: 25.1%

Among the items Patty and her Shownieuws colleagues discussed:

Ben Cramer denies sexual misconduct towards Catherine Keyl (August 4th)

Recently, Dutch media personality Catherine Keyl revealed a strange story in her column posted on De Telegraaf's website on August 2nd: "Last week, I had to work with a group of men. Chairs were placed in a room. One man had already sat down, but I didn't know if there might be designated places, so I asked: 'Where do we have to sit down?' To which the already seated man said: 'You sit on my lap, and then you will automatically rise". I replied: "Hey, sorry, a man your age really can't say this anymore nowadays." The man answered: "Yes, I can."

Catherine Keyl didn't mention who the man was, which aroused the Dutch media's curiosity. She participated in a talent show's jury with Dutch singer Ben Cramer, journalist and politician Henk Krol and Marcel Swerissen, Duncan Laurence's background vocalist. Considering Hank Krol is gay, and Marcel Swerissen may not be interested in an older woman, there's only Ben Cramer left.

"I can imagine an older guy like Ben Cramer used to see this as humour and still see it as humour now. But it wasn't Duncan Laurence's background singer and Henk Krol..." Patty Brard said.

Patty Brard criticized Joy van Swieten (August 4th)

27-year-old Joy van Swieten, famous for participating in RTL4's high-rated reality show "B&B Vol Liefde", regularly posts images of his B&B, which is "filthy", according to Patty.

Gerard Joling and Gordon not on speaking terms anymore (August 7th)

Geer and Goor used to be good friends in the past. The two singers were members of De Toppers supergroup with René Froger for years. They appeared in several popular reality shows. They partied together. However, they have distanced themselves from each other in recent years. Yesterday, Gerard appeared on RTL Boulevard for a short interview and dissed his ex-friend. "Gordon is a very bad role model when it comes to media. People are fed up with him too. Everyone asks me if I still speak to him. I answer I haven't spoken to him in three years. Gordon has had the time of his life when it comes to singing," Gerard said.

Patty is also not on good terms with Gordon. The two celebrities took part in a travel show in search of eternal youth on SBS6 just before the Covid-19 pandemic. They were supposed to co-host a talk show on the same channel, but this project never materialized.

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant, Patty Brard's Instagram account...

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