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Marga Scheide's latest media news

* Marga Scheide is occasionally part of a panel of celebrities who discuss celebrity gossip in the Dutch magazine Story. In two recent issues of the celebrity gossip publication, she expressed her opinion on two subjects:

  • Dutch media personality Britt Dekker: the ex-Luv' singer thought the young woman's main motivation was to please her employer, Talpa TV. "She is only focused on her career, which makes her too dependent on her boss," Marga said.

  • Gordon's TV program featuring persons with down syndrome. "Including them in society seems more important to me than using them as 'entertainment'," Marga asserted.

* The March 8th edition of Privé magazine featured a short interview with Marga Scheide following her recent appearance at the Happy DC Year event at the Harbour Club in Amsterdam. Marga's friends, Dyon Hagenaars and Ger Valkenburg of DC Models, invited her to this event. Privé reporter Jan Uriot conducted this interview.

Here's the translation in English:

Jan Uriot: Who makes you angry?

Marga Scheide: Femke Halsema.

Jan: Please explain the situation.

Marga: The Mayor of Amsterdam decided to shut down The Harbour Club a half year ago. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the reopening of this place.

Jan: Are you involved in this business?

Marga: My presence has got to do with my stepdaughter Renée Gunning who works as an event manager there. She and her colleagues almost lost their jobs because of Mrs Halsema's silly decision. It's such a shame due to the mayor and the city council.

Jan: Do you have to interfere in these issues?

Marga: Due to this closure, this business almost went bankrupt. People could have been put out on the street. Rather easy to hammer the front door shut and then leave the entrepreneurs and their employees to fend for themselves. It happened at The Harbour Club and other places in the city where criminals put explosives. The municipality decided to close some restaurants and cafés temporarily. This temporary closure actually took a half year and sometimes even longer.

Jan: They closed these places for the safety of residents. Don't you think so?

Marga: You know what? If you have a problem with the owner of a restaurant, café or discothèque, you can take revenge by placing a grenade in front of the door.

Jan: How did the reopening happen?

Marga: My friends, Dyon Hagenaars and Ger Valkenburg of DC Models, had a party there. Their business has expanded internationally with clients from Europe, Australia and Canada.

* SBS6's infotainment program "Shownieuws" celebrated its 20th anniversary on March 10th. One day before this jubilee, Marga briefly appeared on the March 9th broadcast of Shownieuws, which drew 437.000 viewers. This program has evolved over the years. Marga's former Luv' colleague, Patty Brard, has been a showbiz expert on Shownieuws since January 2007, with a hiatus in 2012 and 2018.

* On March 5th, the "We all love ABBA" YouTube channel posted a video featuring Marga Scheide and Michiel Gunning to promote Stany Van Wymeersch's books 'The Legacy of ABBA - Volume One" and 'The Legacy of ABBA - Volume Two". These publications were launched in Västervik (Sweden) and Ghent (Belgium) in October-November 2021. Marga and Michiel were present at these release parties.

When asked what her favourite ABBA song was, Marga answered: "One Of Us". Of course, the arrangements are beautiful, but the text is we all experienced it one day when you have a fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend". As for Michiel, he said: "What I like very much throughout the years is the extended version of "Voulez-Vous". I love this song. What I like also, but it's technically and arrangement wise, is "Lovers (Live A Little Longer)".

* Yesterday, Dyon Hagenaars celebrated his birthday. On this occasion, Marga and Michiel Gunning posed for a photograph with Dyon and his husband Ger Valkenburg in Breda, the Netherlands. This picture was posted on Instagram.

Ger, Michiel, Marga & Dyon

Source: Privé, Story, Marco Rens, Facebook (Official Luv', Marga Scheide's fan page), DC Models (Instagram), SBS6, SKO


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