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Marga Scheide in Privé: "Luv's biopic is too expensive for the Netherlands!"

Luv' performing their European smash hit "Casanova" on AVRO's TopPop in 1979

The latest issue of Privé magazine features an interview with Marga Scheide discussing Luv's biopic project.

Two years ago, the former Luv' singer already mentioned this ambitious idea developed by Frederik Nelck, a film and television scriptwriter, script doctor, format creator, item director and songwriter. Nothing concrete about the group's biopic has been announced to this day.

The script has already been written. When asked when the filming will start, Marga answers: "If it depended on me, tomorrow. But it's going to take a long time to do it. Now the script is finished, the search for a producer and a budget has started. It's clear that it won't happen in Holland. The Netherlands Film Fund's financial contribution is limited. Sponsors have to complete the budget. The question is: "Is it feasible?".

Marga explains why the film is so expensive: "It will deal with Luv's early years, including performances in Europe and Mexico. We won't use a simple set. It has to be realistic and professional. That's why we are looking for good finances. Hopefully, someone in America will be interested in the project. Then we can work with a director and start the casting. I say "we", but let me put the record straight: "This is not my project". Frederik Nelck is busy with it. He has to develop it, not me. I only gave my blessing because it's a fantastic way to keep Luv's legacy alive".

Marga is not afraid of copyright and legal issues: "Luv's ex-members won't appear in the movie. Singing actresses will play our role. Hans van Hemert will be satisfied because his songs, including "Trojan Horse", "Casanova", and "Ooh, Yes I Do", will be used. The other ladies who once were involved in Luv' will be honoured".

Source: Privé, Facebook (Official Luv')

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