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Marga Scheide, Hans van Hemert & Chimène van Oosterhout in the media

Backstage photo of Luv' (José, Marga & Chimène ) with Hans van hemert at Moeke Spijkstra during the Kermis (funfair) in Blaricum, the Netherlands on August 19th, 2019.

Marga Scheide in Privé: "I know what Hans van Hemert is going through"

The July 26th issue of Privé magazine featured an interview with Marga Scheide. Her partner, Michiel Gunning, recently passed away. Her former Pygmalion, record producer Hans van Hemert, who launched Luv' in late 1976, is now very ill and announced the bad news in De Telegraaf on July 19th.

Marga and Hans have not been on good terms for many years. The reason for this feud happened when Marga trademarked Luv's name in late 1989.

When asked if she was still in touch with Hans, Marga answered: "I don't want to talk about this dispute between me and him. When people are ill, you must not discuss such matters. Sometimes Hans and I send WhatsApp messages to each other. Three weeks ago, he reacted to Michiel's death with kind words. After reading in De Telegraaf how bad his health was, I sent him a message. Cancer is a horrible disease. It can be suddenly so aggressive. I know what Hans and his partner Willy are going through. I took care of Michiel for four years. He fought against the disease all these years".

Life goes on for Marga. "I try to carry on. I meet family and friends. I've started to play tennis again. I don't want to go on my own to our second home in Ibiza. I can't stand it at the moment. Michiel and I shared really good times there. Going to Spain is out of the question because of the heatwave. I don't want to travel by plane alone," the ex-Luv' singer said.

Hans van Hemert in Story

Following Hans van Hemert's recent announcement of his ill health, the July 26th issue of Story magazine included an article about the Maestro of Dutch Pop Music. "If the chemo doesn't succeed, I'll die soon," Hans said.

We wish Hans lots of courage in his fight against the disease.

Chimène van oosterhout's columns for Wendy

Chimène van Oosterhout writes monthly columns for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialising in women's issues).

On June 10th, before her heart failure in Greece last month, the talented media personality posted a column about racism in the Netherlands. Click here to read it.

Chimène wrote about this touchy issue following the recent broadcast of an episode of the PowNed/NPO 3's hidden camera series "In Your Face" featuring Countess Eloise van Oranje, arguing with a man making racist remarks. Chimène praised Eloise's reaction.

The former Luv' singer suffered from racism and prejudice due to her skin colour. Even if the situation in the Netherlands has improved slightly concerning racism, Chimène regrets the lack of diversity on Dutch television. She is ready to host a show on the small screen again, five years after ceasing television activities. The last TV program she hosted was "Life Is Beautiful" on RTL 4 in 2018. Chimène rapidly bounced back as, in early 2019, she became a member of Luv'. One year later, the group disbanded due to José Hoebee's ill health. Then came the Covid-19 pandemic and the third breast cancer she survived. In recent years, Chimène was involved in many projects (including a documentary series about her cancer, podcasts, columns, interviews in the press, rare TV appearances, and hosting events as a PR specialist).

Earlier today, WendyOnline posted Chimène's latest column about her medical wonder after her nightmare on the Greek island of Kos. Click here to read it. The larger-than-life woman is a survivor and is back home. "My cardiologist says my heart is now functioning 100 per cent again. The same medical miracle that happened 20 years ago is here again. I must slowly rebuild my heart function and train my heart muscle gently. Step by step. To be continued," she writes.

We wish Chimène a speedy recovery.

Moreover, the summer issue of Wendy magazine features another column, written by Chimène before her medical incident, about her love for the island of Rhodes.

Chimène on De Telegraaf's website

On July 27th, De Telegraaf's website posted an article about Chimène in its entertainment section. Click here to read an excerpt. Her best friend in showbiz, media personality Tanja Jess, who helped her during her health problems in Greece, told what occurred in Kos.

Source: Marco Rens, Facebook (Official Luv', Marga Scheide, Hans van Hemert, Chimène van Oosterhout), Privé, Story, De Telegraaf, WendyOnline


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