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Luv', Marga & José in the spotlight

* Reruns of Musikladen episodes featuring Luv'

German channel RBB will rerun:

- Musikladen's August 30th, 1979 episode featuring Eeny Meeny Miny Moe by Luv' on September 30th between 12:45 am and 1:30 am.

- Musikladen's December 13th, 1979 episode featuring Ooh, Yes I Do by Luv' on October 14th between 1:05 am and 1:50 pm.

* Marga @ the release party of "We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition" by Stany Van Wymeersch

Marga Scheide will attend the release party of Stany Van Wymeersch's book "We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition" at AtelierGent74 in Ghent, Belgium on October 7th.

Tickets for this book launch are now available via

Two sessions are scheduled :

Entrance fee: 17 € (incl. 5 € book voucher) or 45 € (incl. book)

Location: AtelierGent74, François Benardstraat 74, Ghent, Belgium

In addition to Marga, other prestigious guests will be present:

  • the legendary singer Maggie MacNeal (formerly of Mouth & MacNeal)

  • the French singer based in the Netherlands, Philippe Elan

  • the renowned photographer Govert de Roos, who will show beautiful pictures as part of an exhibition.

  • Embracingfranki, the only Belgian artist who recorded at ABBA's Polar Studios and Atlantis Studio (Metronome)

  • Multi-instrumentalist Klaas Tomme

  • Dick Kooiman, former editor-in-chief of Popfoto and Muziek Expres

The August 23rd edition of Privé magazine featured a short article about this public event. The new edition of Stany Van Wymeersch's book includes a chapter about Marga's late partner, Michiel Gunning, who passed away earlier this summer. As he worked for the teen magazine Popfoto in the 1970s and 1980s, Michiel got in touch with the members of ABBA. A friendship between him and the Swedish Fab Four followed.

In recent years, Michiel, Marga and her Luv' colleagues, José Hoebee and Ria Thielsch, took part in Stany's previous book release parties as they appeared in these publications.

Stany Van Wijmeersch, Matt Pop, Luv' (José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Ria Thielsch) & Co at the release party of "We All Love ABBA" (first edition) on May 26th, 2016, at the Harbour Club in Amsterdam.

Marga and Michiel Gunning at the release party of "The Legacy of ABBA" (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2) on October 8th, 2021, in the Slottsholmen restaurant & hotel in Västervik, Sweden. The other guests were Tomas Lebon (graphic designer), Hans Lõfvenberg (ABBA's assistant tour manager), Anders Hanser (ABBA's official photographer) and Tony Roth (Hootenanny Singers).

Stany & Marga at the second release party of "The Legacy of ABBA" (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2) at Atelier Gent 74 on November 20th, 2021. Many friends were present, including Marco Rens (of the Official Luv' Fan Club on Facebook), Luv' friend Vincent de Paauw, Getty Kaspers (of Eurovision Song Contest-winning band Teach-In) and French singer Philippe Elan.

* 45th anniversary of "You're the Greatest Lover" by Luv' at #1 on the Dutch Top 40

September 2nd saw the 45th anniversary of Luv's signature song "You're the Greatest Lover" as a #1 hit single on the Dutch Top 40. On this occasion, Marga gave a phone interview on Felix Meurders' show "FM op 5" on BNNVARA/NPO Radio 5.

Click here to listen to the interview (Marga appears at 13:05).

The former Luv' singer discussed the Greatest Lover's triumph. Before Luv' reached the number-one spot, "You're the One That I Want" by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John topped the record charts.

Click on the following link to read my recent article about the 45th anniversary of the Greatest Lover's international success:

When asked if she ever thought Luv' would become #1, Marga answered: "No. Ahaha. When I started with the group, I never thought we would succeed. I didn't follow the record charts. I worked very hard as a photo model at the time. One evening, I returned home, and my mother said: "Your manager called. You must immediately go to his house. Something is happening". So I went to my manager's place, and I was surprised that a party was organized in our honour".

After this #1 position, Luv' became big internationally. "We were booked for so many TV shows in Europe that we were obliged to cancel live performances in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We were part of an artist booking agency, including other big acts (Lee Towers, Bonnie St. Claire, Saskia & Serge...). Our manager often rented a private jet so we could rapidly return to Holland and Belgium for gigs in the evening after TV tapings in Europe during the daytime," Marga explained.

The ex-Luv' member mentioned her memorable promo tour with the group in Mexico in May 1980. "We never had time to pick up gold records outside Europe. What a pity! Back then, you were obliged to travel abroad to get your gold record. We desperately wanted to fly to Mexico to get our award. Our record company decided we had to go there and booked return tickets by Concorde. So we could have our gold record and tape a TV special there. When we landed in Mexico City, we were impressed by the crowd. All these people were there, especially for us," Marga commented.

When asked what her present activities were, the classy blonde lady said: "I don't do much. I'm retired. I do sports (tennis and paddle). I meet my friends, and I often travel".

* Marga in Privé: "I'll go on a cruise on his 70th birthday"

The latest issue of Privé magazine features an interview with Marga.

The former pop singer discusses her life after Michiel Gunning's passing. "Recently, I thought of December 25th, Christmas day, which is also Michiel's birthday. I booked a cruise to the Canary Islands with my sister and niece to change my mind. I'm not a fan of this destination, but it's better than staying home knowing it's Michiel's birthday," Marga asserts.

Showbiz colleagues, including a former Luv' lady with whom she has not been on speaking terms for years, have recently supported her. "André van Duin sent me a heart-warming message. It's so nice of him. Even Patty Brard sent something. I really appreciated it. Another friend, with whom I've been on bad terms, also contacted me. He visited me. Sometimes, death unites people. Some unpleasant events occurred in the past, but friendship is what matters," Marga says.

Miss Scheide talks about her animal rights activism: "I want to take care of animals. I'm already busy with stray cats in Ibiza. It's an expensive hobby, but I need to do it. I can't stand violence against animals in the world. Years ago, I shed light on a terrible situation at the Oostvaardersplassen (a nature reserve in the Netherlands), where local authorities decided not to feed the animals during the winter. The weakest herbivores are shot when they cannot survive the winter. So I went there at my own risk to feed them. I'm also shocked by the sale of meat from Poland, where animals are mistreated".

When it comes to showbiz, Marga remains uncertain: "I don't know what I'm going to do. But if they ask me for the reality TV show "Gevaarlijkste wegen van de wereld" (that Patty Brard did in 2017), I would not be opposed to it".

Marga mentions a special memory during Luv's heyday: "A lot of nice things happened to me when I was in Luv'. I will always remember my meeting with Andy Gibb. I want to put the record straight: we were never romantically involved with each other. I guess it was in 1977. We had to perform on German television. During the taping, we met Andy, and we talked to him. He was interested in me. We went to his dressing room to chat and to have a drink. Andy went to Paris on the same day. Shortly afterwards, I received an invitation from Andy, who wanted me to go to Paris. Then Patty and I booked a room at the Holiday Inn in the French capital city. When we arrived, we wanted to go to the hotel by taxi, but a man from the Gibb crew was waiting for us to drive us by limousine to Andy. I had a few short talks with him and was sure we would not live together. I lost my interest in him. But it was a pleasant memory."

* José Hoebee on the cover of Weekend

The August 30th issue of Weekend magazine features an interview with José Hoebee.

Luv's former lead singer misses Michiel Gunning a lot. "We sent each other jokes by WhatsApp. He was a nice man. We had the same sense of humour, and we clicked. It's not fair that Michiel has gone," José said.

Next year, the songstress will turn seventy. When asked how she felt about it, she answered: "Marga has her birthday one month before me, and I usually say to her: "Haha, you are older!" Otherwise, I don't care about it. Age is just a number. I could have Botox injections, but I prefer people recognize my wrinkled face than having a "pillow face". I see so many people who don't look the same after Botox. I don't like it".

José mentioned Luv' as the height of her career: "I'm so proud of Luv' which kept us busy for 45 years. Sometimes people ask me if I'm not annoyed by this fame. I think it's great. Young kids don't know me, but when their mothers sing "Shananana", they know the song. Radio stations still play "You're the Greatest Lover".

Her husband Will's death remains painful. "It happened eleven years ago. I daily think of it. I take a sleeping pill every night. I sleep well. I'm not the kind who wakes up early in the morning," José explained.

* José in Privé: "Even my psychologist cannot help me"

The August 30th issue of Privé magazine includes another interview with José.

Due to a nervous tic inside her oral cavity, José cannot eat well and has to use space food. After consulting doctors in Holland and abroad for years, she started psychotherapy earlier this year. Even her psychologist cannot help her. The singer has suffered from a psychological disease which changed into a constant physical pain for a long time.

The sorrow following Will Hoebee's passing explains José's ill health. She admitted that she was still smoking, which made her "life a little bit better", even if it was considered unhealthy. "When I smoke, I forget my pain even if it's dangerous. My friends comfort me, but they cannot help me with my disease. I'm looking for someone who can heal me. I can't be the only one with this constant pain in the world!" José said.

Through her fan page on Facebook, José is begging for help.

Source: RBB,, Marco Rens, Facebook (Official Luv', Marga Scheide, José Hoebee Fan Page), Privé, Weekend...

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