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Luv' in the limelight

* Musikladen (1980): rerun

On October 28th, German channel RBB reran the April 10th, 1980 episode of the iconic show "Musikladen" featuring Luv' performing "Ann-Maria".

* Marga & friends at the release party of "We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition" in Ghent

Klaas Tomme, Sebastiaan van Wijmeersch, Govert de Roos, Dick Kooiman, Marga Scheide, Philippe Elan, Embracing Franki, Stany Van Wijmeersch and Maggie MacNeal.

On October 7th, Marga Scheide participated in the release party of Stany Van Wymeersch's book "We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition" at AtelierGent74 in Ghent, Belgium. The new edition of Stany's publication includes a chapter about Marga's late partner, Michiel Gunning, who passed away earlier this summer. As he worked for the teen magazine Popfoto in the 1970s and 1980s, Michiel got in touch with the members of ABBA. A friendship between him and the Swedish Fab Four followed.

Other prestigious guests were present: the legendary singer Maggie MacNeal (formerly of Mouth & MacNeal), the French singer based in the Netherlands, Philippe Elan, the renowned photographer Govert de Roos, who showed beautiful pictures as part of an exhibition, Embracingfranki, the only Belgian artist who recorded at ABBA's Polar Studios and Atlantis Studio (Metronome), the multi-instrumentalist Klaas Tomme, Dick Kooiman, former editor-in-chief of Popfoto and Muziek Expres, Michiel Gunning's daughter, Renée as well as Marga's friends, Ger Valkenburg and Dyon Hagenaars (of DC Models).

Click on the link to buy a copy of "We All Love ABBA - expanded version":

Marga and Renée got emotional when they gave a brief speech as they mentioned Michiel.

Marga and the other guests gave an impromptu performance when they sang Luv's signature song, "You're the Greatest Lover".

From left to right: Cathy Plasman, Sebastiaan, Ophelia and Stany Van Wijmeersch, Klaas Tomme, Embracing Franki, Marga Scheide, Dick Kooiman, Govert de Roos, Philippe Elan, Maggie MacNeal and Margret Heijnen

We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition: Aftermovie Book Launch

On October 21st, the book's author proudly announced on his Facebook page that 'We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition' reached #2 on the Amazon Best Sellers list (International Music) in Sweden. Congratulations Stany!!

"We All Love ABBA" at #2 on Amazon in Sweden

* Marga in Privé

The October 25th issue of Privé magazine featured an interview with Marga conducted by the celebrity gossip columnist Jan Uriot.

Here's a translation in English translation:

Jan Uriot: What did you do in Ghent last week?

Marga: ABBA expert Stany van Wijmeersch presented a new book about the Swedish group, including exclusive photos and stories. A chapter is about my man, Michiel, who passed away in June.

J.Uriot: What was the bond between ABBA and him?

Marga: In his early years, Michiel, nicknamed David, interviewed the ABBA members several times for Popfoto magazine. A lot of photos were taken on these occasions. Some of these pictures are published in this book entitled "We All Love ABBA - Expanded Edition". The images of Anni-Frid with my Michiel, as they were walking in the Austrian snow, are beautiful.

J.Uriot: Were Benny, Agnetha, Björn and Anni-Frid present at the festive book presentation?

Marga: Unfortunately, I think they have had enough of it. But they gave their blessing to this publication. They really appreciate it. It's a beautiful coffee table book. I could not hold back tears during the presentation. Several interviews with Michiel were screened. There were some images I'd never watched before. I was impressed because it was seen on a big screen. The screening lasted five minutes, but I cried for an hour backstage. After I dried my tears, instead of an ABBA hit, I sang a Luv' classic, "Greatest Lover", before the audience and the international press. I performed it, especially for my loved one who passed away.

New Luv' Dolls

On October 8th, Cw Miniaturen Dolls posted on Facebook pictures of Luv' dolls wearing their legendary colourful jumpsuits used for the front cover of their debut album "With Luv'" from 1978.

Cw Miniaturen Dolls previously produced other Luv' dolls wearing iconic outfits.

* Marga & José discussing autumn blues in Weekend

The October 11th issue of Weekend featured a short article about Dutch celebrities discussing autumn blues.

José said: "I hate rain. I love summer and a good cold winter. I can't do much in autumn".

As for Marga, she had a different opinion about this issue. "I like autumn. There is something magical in autumn. Leaves have another colour. I'm always impressed by that. Constant summer can be boring. Constant winter, too. I appreciate seasonal changes," Marga explained.

* José's lunch with fans in Best

On October 28th, José had an intimate lunch with a few lucky fans at the Ambacht café-restaurant in Best, the Netherlands.

Photo courtesy of Jos Theuns / José Hoebee Fan Page (Facebook):

Montage by Marco Rens

Jos Theuns & José

Yvonne Bal & José

José & Jennifer Boostelaar

* Marga's lunch with friends in Amsterdam

On October 14th, Marga enjoyed lunch with friends (including Ger and Dyon of DC Models) at Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam.

Photo by Dyon Hagenaars posted on Instagram:

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