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La Brard on De Grote Huisverbouwing and Shownieuws

Here are the latest viewing figures of TV shows featuring Patty Brard:

* De Grote Huisverbouwing (SBS6's home renovation show):

  • January 16th: 206.000 viewers/market share: 7.1%

Patty and her crew on De Grote Huisverbouwing

* Shownieuws (SBS6's entertainment news show):

  • January 14th: 432.000 viewers/market share: 13.5%

  • January 15th: 834.000 viewers/market share: 21.6%

During the January 14th broadcast of Shownieuws, Patty and her colleagues discussed Nikki Herr's nosebleed as she was hosting WNL morning program "Goedemorgen Nederland". Shownieuws wanted to show footage of this incident, but WNL refused it.

Nikki Herr's nosebleed on Goedemorgen Nederland on January 14th

During the January 15th broadcast, Patty and her team talked about sexual misconduct allegations related to The Voice of Holland involving Jeroen Rietbergen, Linda de Mol's ex and bandleader on the talent show and Coach Ali B. Earlier this day, the 12th season of The Voice of Holland was indefinitely suspended in response to this scandal. After Ronald Molendijk (music expert on Shownieuws) defended his friend Jeroen Rietbergen, Patty didn't consider his behaviour as a #MeToo situation. The comments of the ex-Luv' singer were strongly criticized on social media.

Ronald Molendijk & Patty Brard reserved about Jeroen Rietbergen's sexual misconduct allegations

But on the other hand, the diva thought that Ali B had something to hide as she studied the rapper's latest posts on Instagram. She noticed that the controversial coach on The Voice only posted pictures of himself with his children to present a reassuring image.

Ali B

Source: SBS6, SKO,, Instagram...


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