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In Memoriam Heddy Lester...Ria Thielsch's tribute

Dutch singer and actress Heddy Lester, born Heddy Affolter on June 18th, 1950, died of bladder cancer on January 29th 2023, at the age of 72. The artist was best known for participating in the 1977 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "De mallemolen" which finished twelfth. Heddy's ESC song peaked at #28 on the Dutch Top 40 and #23 on the Nationale Hitparade in the Netherlands.

Ria Thielsch, who knew Heddy Lester, reacted to her passing on Facebook. "What terrible news. Dear Heddy, rest in peace. We had lots of fun together. I'm so glad I knew you. You were down to earth, and I liked your vision of you 💖🙏 I wish your family a lot of strength and love🙏💖," the former Luv' singer wrote.

Ria's message was illustrated with pictures of herself with Heddy and her friend Leon Vosters.

Photo by Leon Vosters - Edited by Marco Rens

Source: Facebook (Ria Thielsch Fan Zone : Forever Yours), YouTube, Wikipedia

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