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Hemelbier by Lawineboys (Dutch cover version of Trojan Horse)

Dernière mise à jour : 17 juin 2023

Carnival in the Netherlands is a festival held mainly in the Southern and Eastern regions of the country. Every year, local artists release Carnival songs. Some of these tracks sung in Dutch even enter the main singles charts and become hits. Carnival music is a popular genre in the Netherlands.

Patty Brard took advantage of the Carnival festivities to boost her music career in recent years. Her most popular Carnival tracks are her duet "Ik Wil Knallen" with comedian Ome Henk, a Dutch Top 5 hit in 2006, and her solo single "Het Leven Is Een Feest", which peaked at #8 on the Dutch Single Top 100 in 2010. Click here to read an article about Patty's Carnival singles.

On February 15th, Berk Music released "Hemelbier", a single by the Dutch party duo Lawineboys. This song is a cover version of Luv's classic hit "Trojan Horse", sung in Dutch.

Hemelbier is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and iTunes Store.

Click here to listen to it.

Lawineboys performed their cover of Trojan Horse on Omroep Brabant's Carnival TV show "3 Uurkes Vurraf" two days ago.

"Trojan Horse" has been covered numerous times. The original version (released by Phonogram-Philips Records in November 1978) is Luv's single that charted the most abroad. This million-seller hit the number-one spot in the Netherlands and Belgium. It also reached the Top 5 in German-speaking countries and Denmark, the Top 10 in Norway, Argentina and New Zealand, the Top 20 in Israel, South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and Finland, the Top 30 in France, the Top 50 in Australia and, the Top 100 in Canada. "Trojan Horse" turned gold in Belgium (100.000 certified units) and Austria (50.000 certified units) as well as platinum in the Netherlands (200.000 certified units) in 1979. The single sold 480.000 copies in Germany (as of December 1979) and 80.000 copies in France (as of July 1979).

Source: Martin Vink, Berk Music, YouTube, Facebook, Luvgirlgroup website archives

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