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Chimène van Oosterhout's news: Column for Wendy + RTL-Véronique reunion and anniversary party

* Chimène van Oosterhout writes a monthly column for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialized in women's issues). Click here to read the text posted on October 2nd. The former Luv' singer is a courageous lady. She has been through many bad things in the last months (including her cancer, her parents' death, the empty nest syndrome, and depression). The multi-talented media personality is now looking for resilience and positivity.

* Yesterday, Chimène attended the RTL-Véronique's reunion and anniversary party with other TV personalities (including Irene Moors and Tineke de Nooij). October 2nd, 1989, saw the launch of RTL-Véronique, the first private commercial broadcaster in the Netherlands. Patty Brard was one of the familiar faces of this TV channel (which rebranded as RTL 4 in 1990) with her hidden-camera show "Gaan met die banaan". Chimène hosted several programs on RTL 4: Health Angels (2006), 4ME (RTL 4, 2010–2014), Medicaltravel (RTL 4, 2013), House Vision (2013–2014), Sunny Side Up (2016) and Life Is Beautiful (2016–2018). It explains her presence at RTL's party.

Source: Chimène van Oosterhout on social media (Facebook, Instagram), WendyOnline

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