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Chimène van Oosterhout invited on the high-rated talk show "Op1"

On February 9th, Chimène van Oosterhout appeared on NPO 1's talk show "Op 1" (hosted by Charles Groenhuijsen and Carrie ten Napel). The TV program successfully attracted 941.000 viewers (market share: 25.6%).

The courageous media personality discussed her breast cancer that she got three times. Recently, she announced her remission. The former Luv' singer takes advantage of every opportunity to talk about this disease that concerns one in seven women. Since March 2020, Chimène has told her life as a cancer patient in a documentary series "K*T Kanker" broadcast on social media. She writes monthly columns for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialized in women's issues) and is frequently interviewed in the press. She takes part in events to raise money for charities specialized in cancer. Last October, the multitalented lady promoted the Dutch Pink Ribbon campaign.

Another famous guest on "Op1" was the legendary Dutch entertainer André van Duin who had colon cancer.

Here's an excerpt from Chimène's interview:

Click here to watch the entire talk show.

Source: NPO 1, SKO, YouTube, Chimène van Oosterhout on social media


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