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Weekend magazine: Hans van Hemert's visit to Tineke de Nooij in South Africa

The February 15th issue of Weekend magazine featured an article about Luv's father and the legendary record producer Hans van Hemert who recently visited his longtime friend, media personality Tineke de Nooij in South Africa.

Tineke and Hans have known each other since the 1960s. "When she was married to Veronica pioneer Tony Vos, a good friend with whom I produced music, my then wife Pauck and I often visited them. It was the hippy era," Hans van Hemert said.

"Tineke invited me to go to South Africa. Tineke, who's eighty-one, is adventurous. That's incredible. We went on a big trip. She has a big network, and I met the most interesting people. We drove hundreds of kilometres and saw four of the "Big Five" animals, except the giraffe. We went to a park in her neighbourhood where we saw lions, hyenas, elephants and impalas. I took a lot of photographs," Hans explained.

The Music Maestro also confirmed that his relationship with his girlfriend Willy was over, but they wanted to remain friends.

Source: Weekend, Facebook (Hans van Hemert)


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