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We will always remember Michiel Gunning

The Official Luv' Facebook page announced Michiel Gunning's passing on June 24th. After four years of fighting colon and lung cancer, Marga Scheide's partner passed away on June 22nd.

The Dutch media (including De Telegraaf, RTL Boulevard, Story, Party and Weekend) covered the sad news.

SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws" mentioned Michiel's death in its June 24th edition, which drew 347.000 viewers (market share: 13%). Bart Ettekoven, Shownieuws expert and Weekend's editor-in-chief, discussed this issue: "Marga Scheide's friend has passed away. The doctors told him they could no longer do anything for him in late May. Michiel Gunning died on June 22nd at age 69. He had colon and lung cancer. He fought for four years against his disease. Marga and Michiel gave an interview in De Telegraaf earlier this month to announce the news. He said he wouldn't live much longer. No one thought it would happen so fast. He and Marga have been happy for eighteen years. They spent time in their second home in Ibiza and lived in the Gooi". Ettekoven also referred to Patty Brard: "Patty, who's in Ibiza now, said she got in touch with Marga when she knew Michiel was ill. She sent a WhatsApp message to Michiel, who appreciated it. Patty described him as the "binder of Luv'". He made sure there was a good atmosphere within the group. He travelled with the ladies in the car on the way to live shows throughout the country. He prepared playlists to create a joyful environment. He had a big role behind the scenes. He was like a manager and always accompanied the ladies to performances. Marga had already lost her man Jacques who died of a heart attack in 2003. It's terrible that history repeated itself. It's heartbreaking. We wish Marga lots of courage".

Shownieuws - June 22nd, 2023

Last week's issues of Privé and Story featured articles about Michiel's passing.

Story- June 28th, 2023

Privé - June 28th, 2023

Michiel's funeral took place at the Arsenaal in Naarden, the Netherlands, on June 29th. De Telegraaf posted an article on the same day on its website and published the same item in its paper edition the following day. Family, friends, loyal fans and fellow celebrities (including José Hoebee, Hans Klok, Rob and Ferdi Bolland and Mick Harren) celebrated Michiel and paid tribute to this wonderful man. May Michiel rest in peace. We will never forget him.

De Telegraaf - June 30th, 2023

Source: Facebook (Official Luv' and Marga Scheide's Fan Page), Shownieuws, De Telegraaf, Story, Privé...

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