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Patty Brard on the merger between RTL Nederland and Talpa Network: "I don't depend on it."

In a recent interview published in Party magazine, Patty Brard said she was not afraid of the merger between RTL Nederland and Talpa Network. The diva is under contract with Talpa (that owns the Dutch TV channel SBS6 on which she appears). Her deal will expire in March 2023.

There might be many dismissals due to the merger of the two media companies. Does it mean that the TV diva should worry about her future in the new group? Since her return on SBS6 in 2019, most TV shows hosted by Patty have been disappointing in terms of viewing figures. Click here to read an article about this subject. SBS6's entertainment news show Shownieuws has been the only TV program that keeps her active regularly on the small screen for months. Now the former Luv' singer has a new challenge on SBS6: the presentation of "De grote huisverbouwing", a home renovation show whose first episode will be broadcast on October 24th. Click here to read an article about Patty's latest TV project.

"I'm going with the flow. I think it's fine. Anyway, I enjoy what I do on SBS6. I have many other projects in addition to television, so I don't depend on this merger. In the past, I was very nervous about my career on TV. But now I am busy with other things," Patty told Party.

Source: Party,


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