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Marga Scheide's "discreet" farewell

The March 24th, 2022 edition of De Telegraaf (Holland's most-read newspaper) featured an article about Marga Scheide announcing her artistic farewell in its "Privé" (entertainment news) section. Click here to read an excerpt online.

The blonde singer started her music career with Patty Brard and José Hoebee in late 1976 as a member of the legendary Dutch girl group "Luv'". The ladies scored hit after hit between 1977 and 1981 in the Netherlands and sixteen other countries. Click here to see the impressive list of Luv's chart hits and gold/platinum certifications. Before Luv', Marga was a sought-after photo model and took part in many beauty pageants (including Miss Holland 1972 and Miss Holland 1977, where she was the second runner-up). After Luv's glory years, Marga released solo material in the 1980s but never reached the level of success she had with the trio. She wisely trademarked Luv's name and took part in all the group's line-ups and the comebacks between 1989 and 2020.

Luv' (José, Marga & Patty) at the height of their career in 1978

Marga wants a discreet farewell without a lot of fanfare. She will be performing for the very last time at CC De Spil in Roeselare, Belgium, as part of Piv Huluv's Vinylvreter Show on April 15th. Since late 2020, the former Luv' lady appeared sporadically as a guest artist during the theatre tour of Flemish comedian Piv Huvluv. The 68-year-old singer wants to focus, more than ever, on the shelter of stray cats in Ibiza, where she has had a second home for years.

"I have always loved being in the spotlight. I look back on my career with great pleasure, but I think it's time to retire from showbiz," Marga said. The Luv' ladies were initially supposed to perform with Piv Huvluv a couple of years ago, but this project changed when José Hoebee became ill, and the group disbanded in February 2020. "The performances became too tough for José. When she fell out, we briefly had the hope that she would recover quickly. But when it became clear the situation didn't improve, we decided to stop the group," Marga told De Telegraaf.

Marga didn't regret this decision: "I believe it was right. José is still unable to sing. We still had a contract with comedian Jan Catrysse, aka Piv Huvluv. The intention was that Luv' would be guests in his theater tour for a season. When I told him about the group's break-up and that he had to cancel the shows with us, he asked me if I would like to perform as a solo singer with him".

Without the covid-19 pandemic, my final show with Piv Huvluv would have taken place long ago. My guest performances had to be postponed. That's why my last show will be scheduled for next month. I always end the gig with a Luv' medley. It'll be the final curtain on this evening," Marga explained.

"I think now is the time to say goodbye to showbiz. I don't have any plans to do anything else, and there won't be a big farewell. After the show, I'll go to the dressing room, pack my suitcase, and drive home, as I have always done with my partner Michiel in recent years. I won't shed a tear either. I am very discreet. But don't think it doesn't affect me at all. I realize that it's the end of an important chapter of my life," Marga added.

Marga has been on stage several thousand times, mainly with Luv'. "I never kept track of it. I flew all over the world with Patty and José. There was a time when I didn't know whether I was in Germany or Brazil. We travelled the whole world and performed a lot in TV studios. There was usually no time for sightseeing. However, we had fun then".

Marga also mentioned her solo career: "I was not cut out to be a solo artist. I recorded some solo singles, but it was not a success. I don't feel pleased alone in the studio or on stage. In Belgium, I recently performed as a solo singer. I was not alone. I sang with Jan Catrysse. This theater show is a wonderful way to end my career".

The ex-Luv' singer is ready for a new phase of her existence. She and Michiel Gunning will be more often in Ibiza, where the couple has a second home. "I now have more time to worry about the stray cats there. I've been taking care of them for years. I feed them and try to house them so that they no longer have to lead a nomadic life. I am very fond of animals that don't have a home. Michiel helps me with that. We have been together for sixteen years, and we are still very happy together," Marga asserted.

Michiel Gunning and Marga Scheide

A wedding with Michiel is not an option for Marga. "No, that's not for me. I leave marriage to others. I have never been married. Today you can love someone, and tomorrow that may be over. Just let me be free. As long as I am madly in love with someone, and love him, I will stay with him. And if that is over one day, then you should both be able to go your own way without going through too complicated situations," Miss Scheide told.

De Telegraaf's article caused a chain reaction in the Dutch media. Websites (including,, and reported the news about Marga's farewell.

On the same day, the former Luv' tour manager David Hay Gibson and his partner Leon organized a lunch in their beautiful house in Best, the Netherlands, for Marga, Michiel, José and Brigitte Vis (in charge of Luv's shows during the group's final years).

Photo courtesy of David Hay Gibson:

Marga & David

José & Marga

from left to right: Michiel, Brigitte, Leon, Marga, David and José

from left to right: Marga, Michiel, José, Leon and Brigitte

Michiel & Brigitte

Source: De Telegraaf/Privé, Official Luv' and Marga Scheide Fan Page (Facebook),,, and

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